Music on the Course?

What do you think about listening to music on the golf course? Maybe from my end, but if you’re cool with it, here’s a convenient, waterproof way to play your music while you play your round.

I’m not a fan of listening to music, mine or otherwise, on the golf course or driving range. I like the subtraction that golf offers as I walk to the driving range or first tee, doing my best to take away the hubbub and hassles of my day. I want to shed and shrug off distractions until I can get to that blessed, simplified life—however temporary—of the present tense and thinking about one thing: hitting the ball.

Nice goal, but achieving it? My monkey mind carries the day, more often than not, especially when I play poorly. During these funks, I think I’d welcome music as a reminder to lighten up. At least I’m willing to try some tunes, especially since this music source, the Boom Swimmer, is not costly and not a big deal to use on your golf cart or bag.

It is waterproof, so it’s good in the rain and in the shower after your round. And for those times when you are in deep do-do in a water hazard, it can play music while immersed in more than three feet of water for 30 minutes. You can loop or twist its tail around a golf cart handle or roof support, chain-link fence at the range, a golf bag handle or even a belt loop on your pants. Also, you can use the suction-cup attachment on any flat surface for increased bass. The Swimmer has a lithium-ion battery providing up to eight hours of playback; re-charge time is two hours.

Watch this video and hear how the Swimmer sound compares with that from a cell phone.

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