Tiger’s New Swing Consultant

There was hope that Tiger Woods would “go within” — listen to his own experienced inner coach — and not hire another coach to make yet another swing change. But no, he announced that he’s hired his fourth coach — sorry, consultant — and his name is Chris Como. Who? Exactly.

So here’s this guy, Chris Como, who is doing OK as a young instructor, charging $225 an hour or so at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano, Texas, and being included in the Golf Digest Best Young Teachers list. It’s kinda cool that he appears to think outside the box a bit, judging by his Golf Digest article on slugging your slice and his no-explanation, goofy video of a golfer jumping from a high-dive platform and swinging a club to show what a golf swing looks like without ground force reaction.

When he made the video, little did he know that this would be one of the first tools used to characterize him as the new swing consultant of Tiger Woods. But it is. It may not be the best first impression, but let’s give Como a chance. Obviously, he has something Woods likes and listens to, so let’s see what effect Como has. And let’s give Woods credit for calling Como a consultant and not a coach. The coach tag with Woods carries too much drama and baggage, as in Hank Haney. Check out his gotcha comments regarding the hire of Como, including this one: “Let’s face it: The expectations are not super high at this point.”

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