Santa Came Early With The Haack Golf Net

The Haack Golf Net by SEC Coach Chris Haack is the perfect gift for every athlete in every family.

When I heard Rukket and legendary SEC Golf Coach Chris Haack, Bubba Watson’s college coach, had joined forces to create the Haack Golf Net, I decided to give it a shot. Haack, the former U.S. Palmer Cup coach and two-time collegiate National Championship coach, has worked in developing the product. Rukket, the only portable golf net with a double net barrier system, has designed the Haack Golf Net to be the perfect practice tool.

With the capability of being used indoors and outdoors, it is great for those who can’t make it out to an indoor range this winter. The 7 ft. by 10 ft. practice net is the perfect companion for experienced and novice golfers making their way to the greens. Plus, it can be used by everyone in the family—even the non-golfers—as it can function as a soccer or lacrosse goal as well.

The Haack Net has the thickest netting of any product listed under $500. When you couple that with the heavy duty feel of the net, it is amazing. And although it is easily replaceable, the net is not susceptible to wind like other nets.

The most impressive feature of Haack Golf Net is the construction. Fitting in a carrying case, the net uses support beams made of fiberglass, securing stakes, and high impact netting. Assembled in ten minutes the Haack Golf Net is priced at $129.00 at Rukket.

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