Zack Townley Knocking Out Teeth spoke with Winfield's Zack Townley about his performance Friday night as the Pirates took on the Red Raiders of Marion County. Townley gives us his account of the game.

"Marion County is a rivalry game, so they always come out and play hard against us," Zack Townley said from his home in Winfield, (Ala.).

"We started the game on defense. They came out and threw the ball deep on us and got in position to score until our defense stiffened up, and we went from there."

"We didn't do much with it on our first possession, but we got it going the second time we got the ball. We scored and just kept scoring."

Zack Townley passed for 130 yards and two touchdown on 3-of-4 attempts. He was kind enough to give us a play-by-play analysis of the touchdown passes.

"I threw the first one to Marcus Carthage. He ran a deep flag pattern, and I just laid it out for him," Townley recalled.

"I threw the second one to Evan Fuqua on a fly pattern. He just out ran the corner, and I threw it out in front of him. I guess I threw it about 40 yards, and he ran the rest of the way."

Marcus Carthage was the recipient of a 66-yard touchdown pass, while Evan Fuqua added the second from 50 yards out. Townley also had a good night rushing the football with 69 yards, a touchdown and a two-point conversion on three attempts.

Townley played two series in the second half as the score was Winfield 34, Raiders zip at the half.

Townley plays quarterback for the Pirates, but he does his most impressive work as a safety where he recorded six tackles and four pass break-ups on the night.

"I had a couple of pretty good hits when they were trying to throw some short slant routes on us, and I had a good hit on the tight end on a crossing route. I knocked his front teeth out, and they had to help him off the field," Townley recalled.

When asked if he literally knocked out his teeth, "Yeah, I really knocked them out," Townley said.

Townley is hearing from UNA and Troy at this time. He has been invited to attend games at both institutions later this fall.

"I'm going to go to both schools for a game. They have invited me to come take a look around," Townley stated.

He is also recruited by Coach Ron Polk of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

"Coach Polk called me last week and asked me to come to his camp this winter," Townley explained. "It will be right in the middle of basketball season, so I don't know how I'm going to work that out, yet." source for Alabama high school football.

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