Daphne's Coach Glenn Vickery

Daphne Coach Glenn Vickery took time out of his busy game week schedule to spend some time with The Trojans will take on the Foley Lions in a battle of undefeateds for a region title and a lot of pride on the line as this game is televised on ESPN2 at 8:00pm central time.

This is the first Alabama televised game on ESPN since the legend of Tim Tebow visited Hoover High School, and the Alabama school came out on top.

"I think a big key is going to be surviving the first quarter and not getting caught up in all the emotion," coach Glenn Vickery said. "Not getting way behind, get through the first quarter and try to settle down and try to beat a good football team. They (Foley) are really good."

Rebecca Johnston: Is the added media attention this week going to make your job that much harder?

Glenn Vckery: "It's probably not as much on me as it is Coach Watson. He's the head coach hosting the game. We've had time. No excuses. We're trying to stay focused on what we've got to do. I think our kids have stayed focused during the week. It's a short week, but we're not going to make excuses. We are going to try and go out and play our best."

RJ: This series has been won in chunks. Foley won for a few years, and then Daphne has dominated the series since 1998.

GV: "Yes, and I hope that continues. They've challenged a lot of people, and they are certainly going to be a challenge for us to stay with them. It means a lot to both schools. It will be a great atmosphere for somebody to come out with a big win."

RJ: Last year's game looked all but wrapped up for Foley when a fumble occurred late in the game, and Daphne capitalized on it with a 42-41 win.

GV: "Last year's game was a high school classic. I feel fortunate to have been a part of that. I think the great lesson is that you never give up. If our kids could just take that lesson with them throughout their lives. Sometimes when you're down and out and the stands are clearing out--you keep doing what you've been taught to do and do your best."

"I think sometimes a defeat or the win is blown up. Our kids won that game, but we're not going in over-confident. We know how good they are. I don't think people really use the grudge stuff a lot anymore because there are a lot of good teams out there. If you keep using that someone is going to sneak up on you. I think both teams will be prepared, and it should be another great game."

RJ: How will you decrease the damage that Julio Jones causes?

GV: He's the best receiver in the country in our opinion, and I think a big key (for us) is to try and limit his yards after he catches the ball. He's going to get his catches. They are going to get the ball to him. Running it, throwing it, and he's so big and strong you just have to limit what he does after."

"Now that's easier said that done. But we've just got to get to the ball and not let him break a bunch of tackles in the open field, and that's what he's good at. He's so strong. He's elusive.

RJ: How is Reggie Hunt's ankle injury he suffered early in the season?

GV: "Reggie is back, and I think he's back at full strength." source for Alabama high school football.

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