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This week is the last game of the season for half the teams in the state and ending a year much less a senior season on winning note is worth fighting for. Any team, player or coach with an ounce of pride will leave every bit of heart and soul on the field no matter the rank of the opponent.

The teams headed to the playoffs are floating in limbo this week since playoff seeding may be the only thing at stake. Win this week and carry the confidence of the season into the playoffs. Lose and it may be a wake up call for a team sleep walking over the past few weeks.

Either way, these teams earned the right to represent their region in the playoffs and all teams are only five wins from a championship blue map.

Pride is at stake for the last game of the year for the unfortunate non-playoff teams. Expect each one of these teams to fight and fight hard for one last victory of the season. Whether the foe is playoff bound or ending the season too, the emotions of the end of the season will show. Expect every ounce of sweat to be left on the field.

Playoff bound or not, congrats to all the players of all teams for surviving the long road up-to and throughout the season. For some, it's the last game or their high school career and for others there's no more than five more, so bottle up the emotions of the week and save them for a rainy day. When you get older it's nice to open that bottle from time to time and relive a few memories..

Since this is a pre-playoff non-region week let's take a look at the toughest regions with the top two teams from each region listed: (keep in mind this is based on ratings not on win and loses).


1 - Region 8, No.3 Hazlewood, No.8 Speake
2 - Region 4, No.1 Sweet Water, No.7 Linden
3 - Region 3, No.2 Maplesville, No.4 Wadley
4 - Region 2, No.5 Brantley, No.12 Ariton
5 - Region 6, No.6 Talladega Co. Central, No.9 Ragland
6 - Region 5, No.13 Sulligent, No.19 Lynn
7 - Region 1, No.10 Millry, No.22 J.U.Blacksher
8 - Region 7, No.11 Gaston, No.15 Valley Head


1 - Region 3, No.4 Lanett, No.6 Loachapoka
2 - Region 1, No.2 Leroy, No.10 Flomaton
3 - Region 7, No.1 Fyffe, No.5 Piedmont
4 - Region 6, No.9 Woodland, No.17 Ranburne
5 - Region 5, No.12 Fultondale, No.23 J.B. Pennington
6 - Region 8, No.11 Red Bay, No.19 West Morgan
7 - Region 2, No.7 Cottonwood, No.15 Wicksburg
8 - Region 4, No.3 American Christian, No.8 Pickens Co.


1 - Region 5, No.2 Clay Co., No.12 Leeds
2 - Region 4, No.1 Cordova, No.4 Winfield
3 - Region 3, No.6 Calera, No.8 Marbury
4 - Region 6, No.9 Sardis, No.11 Plainview
5 - Region 2, No.3 Pike Co., No.19 Elba
6 - Region 8, No.10 Colbert Co., No.22 Colbert Heights
7 - Region 7, No.24 Good Hope, No.25 Madison Aca.
8 - Region 1, No.5 Clarke Co., No.17 Sumter Co.


1 - Region 1, No.3 Thomasville, No.18 Jackson
2 - Region 3, No.9 Handley, No.12 Elmore Co.
3 - Region 8, No.5 Deshler, No.6 Brooks
4 - Region 7, No.1 North Jackson, No.4 Madison Co.
5 - Region 6, No.8 Guntersville, No.13 Saks
6 - Region 5, No.11 Midfield, No.24 St.Clair Co.
7 - Region 2, No.10 Andalusia, No.19 Trinity
8 - Region 4, No.2 Central Tuscaloosa, No.21 Fayette Co.


1 - Region 2, No.4 Eufaula, No.14 Charles Henderson
2 - Region 7, No.1 Fort Payne, No.19 Scottsboro
3 - Region 6, No.8 Cullman, No.11 Erwin
4 - Region 8, No.7 Decatur, No.10 Russellville
5 - Region 1, No.6 St.Paul's, No.12 Williamson
6 - Region 3, No.2 McAdory, No.9 Demopolis
7 - Region 5, No.3 Briarwood, No.5 Benjamin Russell
8 - Region 4, No.16 Jess Lanier, No.26 Wenonah


1 - Region 1, No.1 McGill-Toolen, No.15 Davidson
2 - Region 8, No.6 Florence, No.8 Huntsville
3 - Region 7, No.3 Oxford, No.22 Gadsden City
4 - Region 6, No.11 Spain Park, No.12 Vestavia Hills
5 - Region 4, No.2 Prattville, No.19 Stanhope Elmore
6 - Region 5, No.5 Tuscaloosa Co., No.9 Hueytown
7 - Region 3, No.4 Opelika, No.24 Auburn
8 - Region 2, No.7 Foley, No.14 Daphne

Last week the picks were a humbling 13-5 72% and 43-11 80% over the last three weeks. Just like Week 5, Week 10 is tough to pick since this is a non-region week along with end of the season strategies so anything is possible. For more details on the games and others visit . Good luck to all the teams and enjoy the weekend.

6A-No.4 Opelika (8-1, 7-0) over 6A-No.5 Tuscaloosa Co. (9-0, 7-0) by 2 points. Defense will play a big role in this one. Opelika's No.2 vs. Tuscaloosa's No.6

6A-No.6 Florence (8-1, 7-0) over 5A-No.10 Russellville>
5A-No.14 Charles Henderson (9-0, 7-0) over 6A-No.19 Stanhope Elmore (7-2, 5-2) by 3 points. Charles Henderson's offense No.12 versus Stanhope's schedule strength No.33.

6A-No.14 Daphne (8-1, 5-1) over 6A-No.16 Murphy (6-3, 5-2) by 3 points. Daphne's No.4 defense should stop Murphy's No.24 offense.

6A-No.22 Gadsden City (7-2, 5-2) over 5A-No.16 Jess Lanier (9-0, 7-0) by 1 point. Defense will rule the day. Gadsden City's No.13 vs. Jess Lanier's No.6.

5A-No.1 Fort Payne (9-0, 7-0) over 4A-No.17 Boaz (7-2, 5-2) by 25 points. Fort Payne's No.1 offense in 5A vs. the 5A-No.8 defense of Boaz.

3A-No.2 Clay Co. (9-0, 7-0) over 5A-No.5 Benjamin Russell (8-1, 6-1) by 5 points. Clay Co. No.12 offense, No.5 defense vs. Ben Russell's No.9 offense and No.2 defense.

4A-No.5 Deshler (7-2, 7-0) over 5A-No.13 Walker (8-1, 6-1) by 9 points. Walker's No.9 defense versus Deshler's No.5 offense.

4A-No.2 Central-Tuscaloosa (9-0, 7-0) over 5A-No.22 Bibb Co. (6-3, 4-3) by 19 points. Cent-Tusc's No.1 offense and No.2 defense versus Bibb's No.3 offense and No.41 defense.

4A-No.3 Thomasville (8-1, 7-0) over 3A-No.5 Clarke Co. (9-0, 7-0) by 4 points. Clarke's No.1 defense in 3A versus Thomasville's 4A-No.3 offense.

2A-No.1 Fyffe (9-0, 7-0) over 3A-No.11 Plainview (8-1, 7-0) by 19 points. Fyffe's 2A-No.1 offense versus Plainview's 3A-No.8 defense.

3A-No.9 Sardis (7-2, 6-1) over 3A-No.14 Hokes Bluff (7-2, 5-2) by 4 points. Hokes Bluff's No.10 defense versus Sardis' No.4 defense.

1A-No.10 Millry (9-0, 7-0) over 3A-No.30 Washington Co. (7-2, 5-2) by 12 points. Millry's 1A-No.2 defense versus Washington's 3A-No.11 offense.

1A-No.1 Sweet Water (8-0, 6-0) over 2A-No.3 American Christian (9-0, 7-0) by 25 points. Sweet Water's 1A-No.1 offense and 1A-No.4 defense vs. American Christian 2A-No.2 offense and 2A-No.6 defense.

1A-No.2 Maplesville (8-0, 7-0) over 2A-No.9 Woodland (7-2, 6-1) by 20 points. Maplesville's 1A-No.3 offense versus Woodland's 2A-No.12 defense.

2A-No.5 Piedmont (7-2, 6-1) over 2A-No.17 Ranburne (7-2, 5-2) by 11 points. Defense - Ranburne's No.11 vs. Piedmont's No.7.

1A-No.4 Wadley (8-1, 6-1) over 1A-No.15 Valley Head (8-1, 6-1) by 19 points. Valley Head's No.8 offense versus Wadley's No.4 offense. source for Alabama high school football.

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