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The Alabama High School Quarter-Finals and Thanksgiving have at least one parallel. Eat or be eaten. Who's hungry and who's ready for the oven? If your team is still alive in the playoffs then you might want to push away from the table early. It looks like this week's plate of games will cause you enough heartburn.

In 6A, the North bracket is the Region 6 Invitational to see who makes it to the Finals. In the South bracket, Region 2 has two teams alive for the finals. The current ratings indicate the South bracket is the tougher of the two when you consider every team in the South bracket is ranked higher than all four North bracket teams. Playoff prediction results: 19-5 79%

In 5A, Region 1 almost completed the sweep of the South bracket. The North bracket has two from Region 8. This bracket is hard to grasp since several of the ratings' top teams have fallen. Playoff prediction results: 19-5 79%

In 4A, only the top ranked team is missing. Teams ranked two thru nine are still alive. The South bracket boasts a representative from each region while the North bracket has three regions fighting for the finals. Playoff prediction results: 23-1 96%

In 3A, the North bracket has three alive in Region 5 while the South bracket has a team from each region still going strong. The top two teams in the ratings are still on collision course but only if they survive the other top 10 teams in the playoffs. Playoff prediction results: 23-1 96%

In 2A, every region is represented except for Region 6. That slot was filled by another Region 7 team. Three of the four games are supposed to come down to the last possession, if the ratings hold true. Playoff prediction results: 20-4 83%

In 1A, in the South it's Region 3 versus Region 4 in both games. The North has two Region 5 teams going strong. The ratings predict double digit winners in each game, not common for this late in the playoffs. Playoff prediction results: 21-3 88%

Overall Playoff prediction results: 125-19 for a win percentage of 87%.

Who's Hot in the Elite 8:

1A - Shoals Christian, Wadley
2A - Red Bay, Lanett
3A - Colbert County, Clay County
4A - Guntersville, Andalusia
5A - UMS-Wright, St.Paul's
6A - Foley, Daphne

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Quarter-Final predictions:

- 1A -

No.1 Sweet Water (11-0) over No.3 Wadley by 20 points
Sweet Water's No.1 ranked scoring offense must match up with Wadley's No.5 defense. Wadley's offense is ranked No.4 which must be stopped by Sweet Water's No.3 ranked defense. Both blew out their only common opponent and both have strong schedules. It might be close early with Sweet Water pulling away in the end.

No.2 Maplesville (11-0) over No.6 Linden (10-2) by 17 points
Maplesville's No.2 scoring offense vs. Linden's No.3 scoring offense. Maplesville's No.4 ranked scoring defense will be the difference, not to mention a much tougher schedule than Linden.

No.4 Hazlewood (12-0) over No.8 Talladega Co.-Central (12-0) by 10 points
Defense will rule this game. Talladega's No.1 ranked D vs. Hazlewood's No.2. Both offense's are strong but can they score on these defenses? Hazlewood has definitely played a tougher schedule and that might be the difference.

No.9 Sulligent (11-1) over No.20 Shoals Christian (7-5) by 14 points
Shoals Christian is on a roll but can the magic continue? Sulligent has a respectable top 10 offense that must be stopped by the 40th ranked defense. Shoals Christian has played the fourth toughest schedule in 1A while Sulligent has played the 26th toughest.

- 2A -

No.1 Fyffe (12-0) over No.26 J.B.Pennington (9-3) by 32 points
Fyffe's No.1 scoring offense will have to score against J.B.'s No.16 ranked defense. The difference in the game will be Fyffe's No.9 defense. Schedule strength is about the same. Too much Fyffe in this one.

No.2 Leroy (11-1) over No.3 Lanett (12-0) by 4 points
This has the makings of a great game. Lanett's No.5 offense vs. Leroy's No.10 defense with Leroy's No.4 offense vs. Lanett's No.5 defense. The difference might be quality of opponents, which gives the advantage to Leroy (Fifth toughest schedule).

No.4 American Christian (11-1) over No.8 Cottonwood (12-0) by 3 points
2A great game number two. Can Cottonwood's No.2 scoring defense stop AC's No.2 scoring offense? One team's strength is offense. The other's is defense. Other than that, these are two equal teams. Last possession will give you the winner.

No.5 Red Bay (12-0) over No.6 Piedmont (10-2) by 2 points
Red Bay is hot so can Piedmont's No.7 defense slow down Red Bay's No.8 scoring offense? I should say 2A great game number three. Fans should be in for a treat.

- 3A -

No.1 Clay County (12-0) over No.9 Lincoln (9-3) by 17 points
Clay County is top 10 in all scoring categories while Lincoln is top 20. Common opponents shows Lincoln at 4-2 and Clay County at 6-0. Both have traveled a tough road, Lincoln No.8 and Clay County No.5 in strength of schedule.

No.2 Cordova (12-0) over No.5 Pike County (12-0) by 2 points
Pike County is number two in scoring offense and defense while Cordova boasts the top-ranked scoring offense in 3A. Flip a coin in this one, too close to call.

No.4 Clarke County (12-0) over Calera (11-1) by 6 points
Clarke County's No.1 scoring defense must stop Calera's No.8 scoring offense. But watch out for Clarke County's No.3 offense which must score against Calera's No.6 ranked defense. Calera has played the tougher schedule (No.25 vs. No.51). This is another game where the last possession will be important.

No.7 Colbert County (11-1) over No.10 Leeds (8-4) by 5 points
Colbert County is the hottest team in 3A with the No.5 scoring offense. Will Leeds No.15 scoring defense be up to the challenge? Leeds must use the experience of the No.4 toughest schedule to prevail.

- 4A -

No.2 Central-Tuscaloosa (12-0) over No.9 Andalusia (11-1) by 15 points
Central's No.1 scoring offense versus Andalusia's No.5 scoring defense and Andalusia's No.7 scoring offense versus Central's No.3 scoring defense. The prediction might be double digits but this game looks closer than the forecast.

No.3 Thomasville (10-2) over No.8 Handley (11-1) by 9 points
Offense, offense. Thomasville's No.3 offense vs. Handley's No.9 offense. Who's defense will step up? Both teams have top 20 schedule strengths. Another game of equals though the ratings like Thomasville.

No.4 Deshler (10-2) over No.11 Madison Co. (11-1) by 3 points.
Deshler's No.5 scoring offense versus Madison's No.4 defense. Not to mention, Madison's No.4 offense versus Deshler's No.15 defense. Deshler's experience from playing the No.1 toughest schedule in 4A might help in the win.

No.5 Guntersville (9-3) over No.7 Brooks (11-1) by 3 points
Both teams have top 10 offense's and defense's: Guntersville's No.8 offense and No.2 defense vs. Brooks' No.6 offense and No.8 defense. Guntersville has played a slightly tougher schedule which might be the difference in this nail biter.

- 5A -

No.1 Briarwood (12-0) over J.O.Johnson (10-2) by 10 points
Briarwood's No.3 offense vs. Johnson's No.14 defense and Briarwood's No.8 defense must stop Johnson's No.10 offense. This might be closer on paper than the game will reveal.

No.2 St. Paul's (11-1) over No.12 Charles Henderson (12-0) by 12 points
St.Paul's is one of the hottest teams in 5A with the No.4 ranked offense and defense. Can Charles.Henderson's No.12 offense and No.10 defense rain on this forecast?

No.6 Williamson (9-3) over No.23 UMS-Wright (6-6) by 15 points
If strength of schedule is a factor then both UMS Wright ranked No.1 and Williamson ranked No.7 will show. The numbers on this one don't match up but don't take UMS for granted. They are the hottest team in 5A over the last three weeks. I'll be curious to see how long Cinderella can avoid the pumpkin.

No.7 Decatur (11-1) over No.11 Cullman (12-0) by 3 points
Cullman's No.2 offense must be stopped by Decatur's No.16 scoring defense. The difference in the game may be the No.11 offense of Decatur scoring on Cullman's No.24 scoring defense. Decatur has the No.10 toughest schedule vs. Cullman's 59th.

- 6A -

No.1 McGill-Toolen (12-0) over No.5 Daphne (11-1) by 9 points
Defense will definitely have a say in who walks away the victor in this one, but don't discount McGill's No.3 offense. Schedule strength is equal and so too will be the score until late in the game.

No.2 Prattville (12-0) over No.3 Foley (12-0) by 1 point
It is hard to find reason to dispute any team winning this one when two teams are undefeated this late in the season. It's the 2's vs. the 4's. Prattville's No.2 offense and defense vs. Foley's No.4 offense and defense. This one could go either way, just too close to call.

No.8 Spain Park (10-2) over No.15 Mountain Brook (8-4) by 6 points
These two met early in the season with Spain Park taking the win, but the teams have grown since then so it will be a new ballgame when these two play this time. Spain Park's No.10 defense vs. Mountain.Brook's No.17 offense will decide this one.

No.9 Vestavia Hills (10-2) over No.10 Hoover (10-1) by 1 point (actually, 0.6)
Let's see, big rivalry, championship implications, dead even statically, what more could you ask for in a game? Vestavia is playing at home so I guess that is worth the 0.6 points the ratings gives for the win over Hoover. source for Alabama high school football.

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