Leroy vs. American Christian

Leroy's Clint Moseley is a nominee for this year's Mr. Football. Moseley is a 6-4, 190 pound junior quarterback. While Julio Jones may be too much to overcome this year for the honors, next year Mr. Moseley is right in the thick of things.

Gone is the big offensive line and running game that dominated last year for the 2006 state champions. Moseley has adapted and his passing yardage has gone from 1,500 to 2,700 for 2007. He has also rushed for 537 yards and has 32 total touchdowns (22 passing and 10 rushing).

You might have heard the collective groan last Friday when it appeared Moseley had gone out with a knee injury against Lanett in an overtime win 18-12 over previously undefeated Lanett.

"Our trainer said I have hyper-extended it. Minor," Moseley adds. "I think I'm going to be okay. I haven't had any problems from it."

Moseley faced one of the state's toughest defenses in Coach Ronnie Sikes' Panthers last week. He completed seven of 16 pass attempts for 94 yards. He also rushed for 45 yards on 13 carries. The junior scored the winning touchdown in overtime to win 18-12.

We asked Moseley if going into these semi-finals what another year under his belt means for his confidence.

"Last year I was just so nervous," an honest Moseley admits. "I had never been there before, and now it's a whole different thing. I've been there and done that. I know what I have to do. A lot of things are different."

We posed the ‘compare the teams' question to Moseley.

"We had the big offensive line, and we could run it at anybody. We spread it out a lot more this year, shotgun, all that stuff. It's hard to compare. Our defenses are a lot alike. I'd have to say both are great teams."

Moseley's favorite target is fellow junior Aerick Davis at wide receiver. Davis has 44 catches for 755 yards and has 217 yards rushing with seven touchdowns.

We asked Moseley what he expected from American Christian. "I'm expecting them to blitz a lot to try and throw me off, throw our whole offense off, but I think we worked hard enough during the week to pick up their blitzes," he said.

Coach Danny Powell was our next subject. The coach is one of those leaders who has a presence about him that makes players want to perform for him. The coach always seems pretty laid back to outsiders, but Moseley paints a different picture.

"Every week we know our coaches will come up with the best plan. Whatever we are facing. We are confident in our coaches. If we don't get the job done it is because we didn't execute."

"Coach Powell hates to lose. He hates it. We all want to win, but we don't want to face him on Monday if we lose."

Moseley is hearing from Alabama, UAB, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Duke, Arkansas, Troy and Southern Miss. The in-state schools are the most popular with the junior.

The Bears will take a tour of the facilities at the University of Alabama while in Tuscaloosa this weekend.

Coach Stephen Hooks and his Patriots of American Christian will face Moseley and the Bears. The Pats are led by University of Alabama verbal commitment Brad Smelley at quarterback.

The senior led his team against undefeated Cottonwood last week to advance to the semi-finals with a 48-12 victory. Smelley completed 12 of 16 pass attempts for 269 yards and ran for 160 yards on 13 carries.

Look for wide receiver Johnny Shuttlesworth to try and help Smelley light things up against the reigning champs.

Leroy (12-1) vs. American Christian (11-2) at 7:00 PM at Freedom Field Friday night. source for Alabama high school football.

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