Scoreboard Predictions

The scoreboard will show the difference between winning and losing but every team that steps on Legion Field this week is winner. The teamwork it took to make it through a long season only to follow it up with five long weeks of the toughest competition proves without a doubt that this one game is not the judge of the 2007 campaign.

Losing the championship game will hurt, hurt for a while, but when each player is older and wiser they will look back on this season and smile from the memories.

For any team to make it this far tells me there were many more good memories than bad. Treasure the season for what it was a season, not a game but a season.

The game is for the trophy and in the beginning the goal was to play for a shot at the trophy. The winners will have the same memories of a special season that ended like a fairy tale.

Some will make it look easy and others will have to dig deep to pull out the win. Either way, the winners will have a story to tell and when they're older. I'm sure they will share it.

Congrats to all the Championship game finalists. It has been my honor to throw my two cents in throughout the season. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. The ratings didn't embarass predicting a modest 83-percent for all games and 86-percent in the playoffs.

Be sure to visit one more week and don't forget about me next year.

Championship Numbers...

Final Regular Season Ranking:
1A - Talladega Co. Central: No.61A - Sweet Water: No.1
2A - Fyffe: No.1 2A - Leroy: No.2
3A - Cordova: No.1 3A - Clay Co.: No.2
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: No.2 4A - Deshler: No.5
5A - St.Paul's: No.6 5A - Briarwood: No.3
6A - Spain Park: No.11 6A - Prattville: No.1

Biggest Win (in class)
1A - Talladega Co. Central: over No.3 Hazlewood 21-20 in Quarter-Finals
1A - Sweet Water: over No.2 Maplesville 46-36 in Semi-Finals
2A - Fyffe: over No.5 Red Bay 28-20 in Semi-Finals
2A - Leroy: over No.3 Lanett 18-12 in Quarter-Finals
3A - Cordova: over No.3 Winfield 38-16 in Week 9
3A - Clay Co.: over No.7 Colbert Co. 24-14 in the Semi-Finals
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: over No.3 Thomasville 28-27 in the Semi-Finals
4A - Deshler: over No.6 Madison Co. 47-28 in the Quarter-Finals
5A - St.Paul's: over No.6 Williamson 45-21 in the Semi-Finals
5A - Briarwood: over No.4 Benjamin Russell 36-21 in Week 3
6A - Spain Park: over No.9 Vestavia Hills 17-13 in the Semi-Finals
6A - Prattville: over No.2 McGill-Toolen 21-0 in the Semi-Finals

Worst Loss
1A - Talladega Co. Central: none
1A - Sweet Water: none
2A - Fyffe: none
2A - Leroy: to No.1 Sweet Water (1A) 14-35 in Week 5
3A - Cordova: none
3A - Clay Co.: none
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: none
4A - Deshler: to No.7 Colbert County 24-27 in week 5
5A - St.Paul's: to No.6 Williamson 7-40 in week 2
5A - Briarwood: none
6A - Spain Park: to No.10 Hoover 7-23 in week 3
6A - Prattville: none

Best Rank
1A - Talladega Co. Central: No.2 (week 4)
1A - Sweet Water: No.1 (11 weeks)
2A - Fyffe: No.1 (11 weeks)
2A - Leroy: No.1 (week 5)
3A - Cordova: No.1 (3 weeks)
3A - Clay Co.: No.1 (3 weeks)
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: No.1 (week 15)
4A - Deshler: No.2 (2 weeks)
5A - St.Paul's: No.2 (2 weeks)
5A - Briarwood: No.1 (2 weeks)
6A - Spain Park: No.7 (week 13)
6A - Prattville: No.1 (8 weeks)

Worst Rank
1A - Talladega Co. Central: No.8 (2 weeks)
1A - Sweet Water: No.5 (week 4)
2A - Fyffe: No.3 (week 4)
2A - Leroy: No.4 (2 weeks)
3A - Cordova: No.4 (week 5)
3A - Clay Co.: No.20 (week 4)
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: No.8 (week 4)
4A - Deshler: No.8 (week 7)
5A - St.Paul's: No.43 (week 4)
5A - Briarwood: No.6 (2 weeks)
6A - Spain Park: No.24 (week 4)
6A - Prattville: No.8 (week 4)
Best offensive game
1A - Talladega Co. Central: 53 points vs. No.54 Winterboro (W 53-0)
1A - Sweet Water: 75 points vs. No.45 Akron (W 75-14)
2A - Fyffe: 70 (twice) vs. No.28 Cleveland (W 70-37), No.55 Brindlee Mtn (W 70-25)
2A - Leroy: 52 points vs. No.8 Pickens Co. (W 52-26)
3A - Cordova: 64 points vs. No.49 Parrish (W 64-12)
3A - Clay Co.: 70 points vs. No.16 Colbert Heights (W 70-14)
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: 72 points vs. No.45 Greene Co. (W 72-38)
4A - Deshler: 56 points vs. No.50 Central-Florence (W 56-7)
5A - St.Paul's: 49 (twice) vs. No.27 Escambia Co. (W 49-14), vs. No.16 Charles Henderson (W 49-11)
5A - Briarwood: 51 points vs. No.42 Talladega (W 51-0)
6A - Spain Park: 69 points vs. No.63 Carver-Birmingham (W 69-0)
6A - Prattville: 62 points vs. No.54 Jeff Davis (W 62-0)

Worst offensive game
1A - Talladega Co. Central: 13 points vs. No.9 Sulligent (W 13-7)
1A - Sweet Water: 27 points vs. No.3 (2A) Thomasville (W 27-13)
2A - Fyffe: 28 (twice) vs. No.16 Sand Rock (W 28-21), No.5 Red Bay (W 28-20)
2A - Leroy: 14 points vs. No.1 (1A) Sweet Water (L 14-35)
3A - Cordova: 20 points vs. No.8 Gordo (W 20-6)
3A - Clay Co.: 22 points vs. No.11 Leeds (W 22-6)
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: 28 points vs No.3 Thomasville (W 28-27)
4A - Deshler: 21 (twice) vs. No.13 Walker (W 21-19), vs. No.7 Brooks (W 21-14)
5A - St.Paul's: 7 points vs. No.6 Williamson (L 7-40)
5A - Briarwood: 21 points vs. No.9 (6A) Vestavia Hills (W 21-12)
6A - Spain Park: 0 points vs. No.9 Vestavia Hills (L 0-21)
6A - Prattville: 10 points vs. No.7 Opelika (W 10-7)

Defensive - opponents scored 7 or less (shutouts)
1A - Talladega Co. Central: 9 of 14 games (7)
1A - Sweet Water: 7 of 13 games (3)
2A - Fyffe: 7 of 14 games (0)
2A - Leroy: 5 of 14 games (2)
3A - Cordova: 4 of 14 games (2)
3A - Clay Co.: 7 of 14 games (2)
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: 8 of 14 games (6)
4A - Deshler: 4 of 14 games (1)
5A - St.Paul's: 7 of 14 games (3)
5A - Briarwood: 3 of 14 games (3)
6A - Spain Park: 5 of 14 games (2)
6A - Prattville: 7 of 14 games (5)

Worst defensive game
1A - Talladega Co. Central: 20 points vs. No.3 Hazlewood (W 21-20)
1A - Sweet Water: 36 points vs. No.2 Maplesville (W 46-36)
2A - Fyffe: 37 points vs. No.28 Cleveland (W 70-37)
2A - Leroy: 35 (twice) vs. No.1 (1A) Sweet Water (L 14-35), No.4 American Christian (W 42-35)
3A - Cordova: 28 points vs. No.14 Sumter Co. (W 51-28)
3A - Clay Co.: 33 points vs. No.18 Weaver (W 48-33)
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: 38 points vs. No.45 Greene Co. (W 72-38)
4A - Deshler: 34 points vs. No.5 Russellville (L 28-34)
5A - St.Paul's: 40 points vs. No.6 Williamson (L 7-40)
5A - Briarwood: 43 points vs. No.26 (6A) Homewood (W 45-43)
6A - Spain Park: 24 points vs. No.34 Minor (W 52-24)
6A - Prattville: 21 points vs. No.53 Selma (W 52-21)

Playoff - Avg Points For
1A - Talladega Co. Central: 26.8 pts
1A - Sweet Water: 51.3 pts
2A - Fyffe: 45.3 pts
2A - Leroy: 37.8 pts
3A - Cordova: 40 pts
3A - Clay Co.: 46.4 pts
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: 41.5 pts
4A - Deshler: 32.3 pts
5A - St.Paul's: 42.8 pts
5A - Briarwood: 38.0 pts
6A - Spain Park: 25.0 pts
6A - Prattville: 31.3 pts

Playoff - Avg Points Against
1A - Talladega Co. Central: 11.5 pts
1A - Sweet Water: 15.5 pts
2A - Fyffe: 19.5 pts
2A - Leroy: 23.3 pts
3A - Cordova: 18.3 pts
3A - Clay Co.: 11.8 pts
4A - Central-Tuscaloosa: 13.3 pts
4A - Deshler: 17.3 pts
5A - St.Paul's: 13.5 pts
5A - Briarwood: 11.8 pts
6A - Spain Park: 14.3 pts
6A - Prattville: 10.3 pts

1A Championship

No.1 Sweet Water (13-0) over No.7 Talladega County Central by 30 points
Sweet Water's No.1 Offense (51.5 pts/game) versus Talladega's No.1 defense (6.4 pts/game). Sweet Water has played the toughest schedule in 1A in the toughest region in 1A. Not only is Sweet Water ranked No.1 in 1A, they are ranked No.1 in the state.

2A Championship

No.1 Fyffe (14-0) over No.2 Leroy (13-1) by 7 points
Fyffe's No.1 offense (49.7/game) vs. Leroy's No.1 offense(36.0/game). Leroy has played the toughest schedule in 2A. These two teams have been on a collision course since week 8. If you like offensive games then this is one to watch.

3A Championship

No.1 Clay County (14-0) over No.2 Cordova (14-0) by 2 points
Cordova's No.1 offense (45.9/game) vs. Clay Co.'s No.5 defense (12.0/game). Avg point statistics favor Cordova while schedule strength leans toward Clay Co. (No.5 to NO.25). Clay Co. grabbed the No.1 ranking away from Cordova while in the playoffs. This has the makings of a great game...

4A Championship

No.1 Central Tuscaloosa (14-0) over No.4 Deshler (12-2) by 6 points
Central's No.1 offense (47.6/game) should be able to score against Deshler's No.14 defense (17.6/game). While Deshler's No.5 offense (36.6/game) will have a tougher time against Central's No.2 defense(12.1/game). Deshler has played the toughest schedule in 4A while Central has played one of the easiest (53rd). If Central can put up easy points it will put pressure on the Deshler offense to keep up.

5A Championship

No.1 Briarwood (14-0) over No.2 St.Paul's (13-1) by 1 point
Equal from top to bottom - Offense: St.Paul's No.4 (36.9/game) Briarwood No.2 (38.1/game), defense: St.Paul's No.4 (11.6/game) Briarwood No.8 (13.9/game), schedule: SP's No.19, BW No.11. Not much to say about this one but 'Wow'. This is a must see game, and it should be worth every penny.

6A Championship
No.1 Prattville (14-0) over No.8 Spain Park (12-2) by 11 points
Based on the numbers Prattville should win going away, but numbers only work on paper. Prattville's No.2 offense (39.8/game) vs. Spain Park's No.9 defense (12.9/game) and Spain Park's No.16 offense must muster some points against the No.1 scoring defense of Prattville. Spain Park must take advantage of the experience of a tougher schedule (No.9 vs. No.38). I think too much Prattville, but Spain Park has found a way throughout the playoffs so you never know. Should be closer than predicted.. source for Alabama high school football.

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