Cullman WR Gets Noticed

It tough enough for any player to stand out among their peers when you consider the talent level in class 5A football in Alabama, but Gavin Ellis of the Cullman Bearcats did just that this season.

Coming into his senior season Ellis was virtually an unknown by college recruiters, but that changed as the season progressed when the Bearcats made a semi-final run in the 5A state playoffs.

Gavin Ellis is a 6-6.5, 220-pound wide receiver who runs a 4.62 40-yard dash, and if that isn't enough to garner attention his 82 receptions for 1,265 yards and 16 touchdowns coupled with an outstanding 15.4 yards per catch and 90.4 yards per game, is.

If you also note he did this while five of his teammates combined for more than 1,500 yards of receiving, and another (Mike Timmons) rushed for more than 2,000 yards and 30 touchdowns it's almost mind boggling.

So what changed?

For starters he recently learned he was voted 1st team All-State receiver for the 2007 football season, and he now has a scholarship offer to Troy University. Gavin tells about the latest developments in his recruitment.

"Troy came by my house last week and told me they still wanted me to come there. They were telling me that Coach Franklin was the only coach leaving Troy, and Coach Brown and Coach Wasden would be calling the plays next season. They also said the offense wasn't going to change," Gavin Ellis explained.

Troy isn't the only team in contention for the big playmaker as plenty of others have been asking for film before the dead period.

"Jacksonville State has invited me and a teammate up for an official visit in January," Ellis said.

"A couple of the Samford coaches came to one of our games and asked me to keep them in mind in case things didn't work out at some of the other places that were recruiting me."

"Mississippi State has called me a few times, and they wanted to see my film. I sent it to them, and they are supposed to get back to me after the dead period."

"Ole Miss has been in touch with me. Coach Markuson is still at Arkansas, but he is going to Ole Miss with Coach Nutt. He watched my film, and he said he really liked it. He wants to sit down with the offensive coordinator and Coach Nutt and let them watch it. He said they would get back with me after the dead period."

With all the new found attention Ellis says he doesn't pay much attention to the things talked about at school.

"Guys come to school, and they're talking about a coach leaving a team and which coach is going to replace him, but I don't pay attention to that stuff," Ellis said.

"I have always watched football, but I've never been one to keep up closely enough to have a favorite player or a favorite team, really. If I had to say I had a favorite growing up it would probably be Alabama, but I had rather play than watch."

"I like the SEC, and I would like to play in the SEC if I get an opportunity."

With all the teams jumping into the mix which teams are recruiting Ellis the hardest?

"Troy is recruiting me harder than anyone else, followed closely by Memphis. I like Troy because I already know the offense down there. It's the same offense we run here, basically. I also like Mississippi State a lot," Ellis concluded.

Stay with as we follow Gavin Ellis throughout his whirlwind recruitment.

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