South Carolina Verbal Talks Visit

Jarrett Burns returned from an official visit to Columbia, South Carolina and talked with about the trip.

"It was another great visit," Jarrett Burns said from his home in Huntsville, (Ala.). "The visit solidified my commitment to South Carolina."

"I went up to Carolina Friday night after my basketball game. It rained Saturday. It limited the things we were able to do, but we still had a very good time."

"We toured campus, and I saw where I will be staying while I'm there. We saw all the facilities again, which are very nice. We went into the locker room, and the commitments put on a jersey with the number on it that we would like to wear at South Carolina."

"I got to hang out with other recruits while I was there. Most of them I hadn't met before, and it was good to get to know them. I didn't want to put pressure on them by trying to talk to them about committing to us while they were there, but I did put in my two-cents-worth here and there."

At least one other school has been trying to sway Jarrett Burns away from Columbia, but the final decision has been made according to Burns.

"It's really hard to explain why I like South Carolina so well," he said. "It's all the things we talked about, the people, the coaches, the atmosphere, just the entire package. It's hard to put into words."

"I truly believe we can win an SEC championship in the next two or three years. This team is on the rise."

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