Alabama 2010 Holds Elite Offers

In a game in which Brantley High School took advantage of key injuries to Ariton, the Bulldogs took this Class 1A Region 2 battle 51-14 last weekend. Brantley successfully ran most of their offensive plays away from 2010 defensive end star Craig Sanders.

The Bulldogs did run to Craig Sanders' side, but it was led by double and triple teams. In those scenarios, Sanders did his job by turning the play inside for his teammates to make a play. On the night, Sanders recorded four tackles.

It was easy to find Sanders on the field with his long, lean frame that has college recruiters drooling. For Ariton, Sanders played positions all over the field on both offense and defense.

In reminiscing the days of Conelius Bennett at Ensley High School, Sanders played wherever his team needed him. He kicked-off, punted, played running back, fullback, wide receiver, and tight-end in addition to his main duties at defensive end. caught up with Sanders after the game to discuss his recruitment.

SS: What criteria are you looking for in a college?
Sanders"I want to major in Criminal Justice, but coaching staff and early playing time are important to me."

SS: Which schools have offered you scholarships?
Sanders: "Vanderbilt, Stanford, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Auburn, and LSU this past week."

SS: Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?
Sanders: "Alabama and Florida."

SS: Which position are they recruiting you?
Sanders: "Defensive end."

SS: Do you plan to attend any college games this season?
Sanders: "I went to the Miami/Florida game, and I will try to get to an Alabama game. I don't know which one yet."

SS: Is there one school which stands out more than others?
Sanders: "No."

SS: Do you have a list of favorites?
Sanders: "All of them right now. I'm keeping my options open."

SS: Have any college coaches visited?
Sanders: "LSU's tight end coach came by last Friday."

By the way, a car on the way home had this statement painted on the back window. "Superman wears Craig's pajamas #13."

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