Clay-Chalkville takes back the title

Clay-Chalkville defeated the Hewitt Trussville Huskies Friday night in the Paws and Claws Bowl 2009. But they didn't earn that title easily. Both teams put up a hard fight, and it was neck-and-neck throughout the entire game. Huskies' Noah Wilson had another big night.

Clay Chalkville's head coach Jerry Hood made sure he prepared the team for what they were going up against.

"I told the kids all week this is a great football team, no doubt, to play," Hood said. "I tell you what. Hewitt Trussville's got a bang up team. Hal [Riddle] and his staff do a great job."

Both teams came out strong with some big plays, but the Huskies had the lead of 10-7 at the half. When it was time to retake the field, both teams and regained that extra strength they needed. Both teams scored a touchdown.

After five penalties and an interception, it seemed to the crowd as if the Cougars were being taken over. The crowd was wrong. Clay-Chalkville came back even stronger to score two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter, one with less than a minute remaining, to win the game.

Coach Riddle gave his team a lot of credit for working so hard, but also knew when they started slowing down.

"They gave a little more than we did," Riddle said. "We couldn't get a stop. The kids just played so hard. We had a defense out there that lasted a little bit too long, and offensively they lasted and we just didn't. We couldn't get it down right there at the end."

Needless to say, Coach Hood was very proud of his team for their big win, and his first win of this great rivalry.

"And I was just as proud as heck of those kids," he said. "You know we've still got a long, long way to go to know how to handle situations, but you know that right there. And it's just a tremendous, tremendous feeling."

Passing: 17-of-22 for 218 yards (by senior quarterbacks Y'Latio Jones and Zac Hart)
Receiving: 40 for 222 yards
Total yards: 430
Penalty yards: 73
Turnovers: 2
1st downs: 24
Time of Possession: 24:42

Senior running back D.J. Vinson had 57 rushing yards, 115 receiving. Junior running back Darrien Reaves had 44 rushing yards before being taken out of the game because of an ankle injury still bothering him.

Passing: 15-of-20 for 162 yards (by senior QB Brett Miller)
Receiving: 32 for 225 yards
Total yards: 387
Penalty yards: 80
Turnovers: 0
1st downs: 14
Time of Possession: 23:18
Senior HB Noah Wilson had 209 rushing yards and 120 receiving.

Class 6A schedules and scores [click here].

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