Predictions: SEC Power Rankings

In the south we love our football. We love to wear our team colors, brag about our players and boast about our rankings. Our colors represent our local ballpark, high school team or our favorite college team. It is an amazing thing to be far from home and see those team colors on another and immediately feel a bond because of who they cheer for each weekend.

Football season brings out the best and the worst in people especially in the technical age of forums and blogs. The good is being able to communicate with fellow fans and discuss the your team on a forum.

The bad is the predators who lurk on the forums to taunt, torment and belittle. It is laughable how brave one becomes hidden behind the mask of the internet.

Southeastern Conference football fans are the best. We know every detail about each player on our team, and we know every detail about your team's players too. Know your enemy, and SEC fans watch their opponents games like a scout for the pros. You know you're in the SEC when the viewers know more about any SEC team than the broadcasters on the tube.

The fans deserve more to study and talk about so Yratings football power ratings is graduating to the next level of predicting and ranking football teams. As hard as it is for a player to step up from high school to college, so is the process for rating football games.

Yratings rankings will need to adjust to the speed of the game so to speak. Yratings, like any computer rating system, needs data to create the ratings one more week of games wouldn't hurt. I guess what I'm saying is be patient the numbers will only get better as the season progresses.


No. 7 OLE MISS over No. 53 SOUTH CAROLINA by 19 points
Ole Miss boasts the No. 3 ranked scoring offense (48.5 pts/gm) and No. 9 ranked scoring defense (10.0 pts/gm). South Carolina's stingy defense is ranked 15th in total yards allowed (249 yds/gm). Schedule strength is not a factor since both are near the bottom (UM-118, USC-107, out of 120). Home field has to help USC, but too much Mississippi on both sides of the ball.

No. 22 LSU over No. 79 Mississippi State by 20 points
LSU's No.14 scoring defense (11.7 pts/gm) is the high point statistically in this game. Miss.St. only allows 151.7 yds through the air ranking No.16 in the nation which may play perfectly into LSU's gameplan of run and run often. Miss.State will hope the tougher schedule strength (51st vs. 87th) and home field will allow for the upset.

No. 1 FLORIDA over No. 20 KENTUCKY by 14 points
Road test time for the Florida's No. 5 scoring offense (47 pts/gm) and No. 4 scoring defense (7.3 pts/gm). Kentucky is stingy around the endzone, No. 19 scoring defense (13.5 pts/gm). Kentucky must counter the weaker schedule (115 vs. 61) with home field, but it's a tough task.

No. 21 TENNESSEE over No. 77 OHIO U. by 20 points
Tennessee will heal its wounds from last week's battle by shutting down Ohio using the No. 5 defense in yards allowed (197.3 yds/gm). Ohio will need a miracle to pull the upset, while Tennessee needs to work out the kinks on offense.

No. 3 ALABAMA over No. 91 ARKANSAS by 37 points
First off, I'll be shocked if the game is a blowout. Unfortunately, Arkansas is one of the teams with only two games under the belt. High scoring? Yes, Alabama No. 12 (42.3 pts/gm) vs. Arkansas No. 8 (44.5 pts/gm). Defense? Yes and no. Alabama No. 3 in yards allowed (185.3 yds/gm) vs. Arkansas No.100 scoring (31.0 pts/gm). Arkansas will need a perfect game from the offense and lots of help from the defense to slow down Bama. The score will be closer, but UA by double digits.

No. 16 AUBURN over No. 93 BALL STATE by 29 points
Auburn's offense ranked No. 13 in scoring (42.3 pt/gm) and No. 8 in yards gained (515 yds/gm) can fine tune while AU's defense can smooth out the rough edges. Ball State will try to find some kind of offense to attack AU's only apparent weakness. The Tigers will feast, and then rest the starters.

No. 26 ARIZONA STATE over No. 63 GEORGIA by 13 points
It may help Georgia's pitiful pass defense (No. 113, 285.3 yds/gm) since ASU pass offense is not ranked among the elite. Georgia will need the home crowd and No. 32 scoring offense (34.3 pts/gm) to attack ASU's No. 5 ranked scoring defense (8.5 pts/gm). Big plays will be the difference. ASU in a close one.

No. 88 VANDERBILT over No. 114 RICE by 14 points
Rice's 120th ranked scoring defense (46.7 pts/gm) may be just what the doctor ordered for Vandy's No. 109 scoring offense (19.0 pts/gm). Vandy might pitch a shutout with the No. 18 scoring defense (12.7 pts/gm) against Rice's No. 101 scoring offense (19.3 pts/gm).

Check back with us Saturday night and see how we do in this week's games.

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