Vigor at 19 straight wins

The last time Vigor lost a game it was November 16, 2007. The Dow Jones closed at $13,176. Many of us were a little better off, but not the Wolves. They have prospered through tough times. Since that last loss to Charles Henderson 21-14 in the second round of the playoffs they have compiled a 19-0 record and won a 5A State Championship.

Although head coach Kerry Stevenson's teams have had a few, a very few, close calls, they will take their 19-game winning streak into Bulldog Stadium to take on 6A Opelika (3-1; 2-1) Friday night.

That winning streak might mean something to fans or opponents.

"That is not something we ever talk about," Stevenson said of the streak. snagged some time from Coach Stevenson this week for a quick talk about this year's team and this week's game.

Rebecca Johnston: Anybody in particular standing out for you this season.

Coach Kerry Stevenson: "We've got a bunch of kids that go out and compete every Friday and don't want to lose."

RJ: Marvin Shinn, Jackie Williams?

CKS: "They are both great athletes, but it takes a team effort to accomplish what we have accomplished. Individuals make plays, but they don't make the other plays that go unrecognized."

RJ: Does the team have a confidence going into this game?

CKS: "We're playing 11 10th graders this year, and last year they were ninth graders. They didn't give up one touchdown all season. They are going to prepare, and they aren't supposed to lose."

RJ: Opelika has a loss and an overtime victory in their last two games, maybe struggling a bit. What is your take on that?

CKS: "They've got a good football team. They've got a new coach, and they run a new system. They made a couple of mistakes, but I wouldn't say they are struggling. If they get to the point that they can play mistake-free and just execute then they are going to give everybody a hard time. They are not as big as they used to be, but they have a whole lot more speed. The offensive line, defensive line and the kids have to buy into to it."

RJ: They have a speedy back in Corey Grant committed to Alabama. He may not be a between the tackles type back, but do you fear him getting to the outside?

CKS: "He runs in between the tackles fine, but they use his speed to get out on the edges and turn that thing up."

RJ: Your thoughts on the season so far?

CKS: "We're young. We've got to get in there and get them on the ground. We missed a lot of tackles in the first couple of weeks, but we've gotten better. We have got to be able to go in there, and we have put a lot of emphasis on tackling."

RJ: You have a region game against St. Paul's the week after Opelika. Are you pretty healthy at this point?

CKS: "We had a kid that was pulled off the fieled last week, a starting safety, a 10th grader. He may not play again. We just take what we've got left over there and try to do the best we can."

Note: This game features two University of Alabama commitments in Opelika's Corey Grant (Sr.) and Vigor's Marvin Shinn (Jr.).

Other players to watch: Vigor's senior receiver Jackie Williams who has an offer from Oklahoma, and Opelika's senior linebacker Jacolby Hardnett who holds an offer from Louisiana Tech, but hometown Auburn University is his favorite.

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