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As the season nears the midway point the intensity level and scrutiny of the polls becomes the number one topic especially since two of the polls play a major factor in deciding who'll win Miss America and first runner-up in the BCS beauty pagent.

Don't get me started on how subjective and biased the polling machine is and the process which teams are judged or not judged by. If a team doesn't have the name then they'll probably have a tough time reaching the top or top-10 for that matter.

I'm here today to stand up for the third party in the BCS formula. It is amazing the championship game contenders are decided by elements on a spreadsheet and not totally on the field. Nevertheless, computers get a bad rap.

Why? I tell you why. The same people who created the BCS created the standard to which the computers could rank the teams. The computers cannot include game scores in their formula.

Scores? Most of the programs are based on some manipulated win-lose creation to avoid teams trying to run up the scores. Most coaches follow the rule of sportsmanship to avoid blowouts, but sometimes the losing team doesn't help things by not stopping their opponent.

Are the computer rankings biased? They can be. A biased programmer can put whatever he wants in the code to benefit a team or teams.

Should boundaries be set on how a computer creates the rankings? No. If so, then why are the pollster not held to some sort of standard or accountability. There are homers in every corner of the nation.

I'm a bit sensitive (if you couldn't tell) to the talk of computers taking the blame at the end of the season when all the formulas in the computer rankings are unbiased and their formulas are the purest in their ranking process. Though sometimes I wonder myself these rankings also come from different corners of the nation, hmmm.

Pollsters change their methods to fit their madness and to prove a point of prediction instead of ranking what is in front of them. In other words, pollsters these days try to predict the future by ranking what they think will happen in the future instead of judging what they've witnessed up to the current day.

Yratings could care less about the 10th game in week 5 and the matchups it will create in the future. Yratings ranks the team based on how teams have performed through today. I love the SEC, but there is no special points for my personal feelings.

Yratings uses scoring differentials combined with an average opponent rating to create a final rating. Since the game scores are used to create the ratings a final margin of victory can be attained by calculating the difference of two teams. The higher rated team is predicted by the point differential.

Yratings power ratings for Week #5:
1. Florida 132.2
2. Alabama 125.3
3. Auburn 117.5
4. Tennessee 114.7
5. LSU 110.2
6. Ole Miss 109.1
7. South Carolina 106.5
8. Kentucky 103.2
9. Georgia 101.6
10. Miss.State 98.1
11. Vanderbilt 94.9
12. Arkansas 87.2

Last week Yratings went 6 and 2, 75%, not good, but not bad for this early in the season. Let's see how this week plays out: *note the rankings are Yratings rankings..

No. 4 ALABAMA over No. 51 KENTUCKY by 22 points

Alabama is anchored by a stingy No. 2 ranked scoring defense (13.0 pts/gm, 203 yds/gm) which will cause problems for Kentucky's offense ranked 68th (26.7 pts/gm). Kentucky's defense ranks 57th in scoring defense (22.7 pts/gm, 354 yds/gm), and it will need it best effort to stop Alabama's 9th ranked scoring offense (40.5 pts/gm, 491 yds/gm). Home field didn't help when No. 1 Florida came a callin' so I don't figure this game to be any different.

No. 30 OLE MISS over No. 77 VANDERBILT by 14 points

Ole Miss's No. 24 scoring offense (35.7 pts/gm, 366 yds/gm) showed some kinks in the armor against South Carolina last week so can Vandy's No.15 scoring defense (13.8 pts/gm, 266 yds/gm) duplicate the attack? Vandy's No.88 scoring offense (23.3 pts/gm, 368 yds/gm) will have it hands full trying to score against the strong No. 10 ranked Ole Miss scoring defense (12.0 pts/gm, 285 yds/gm). Ole Miss may struggle early, but I have a feeling the defense will give the offense some short field possessions.

No. 9 TEXAS A&M over No. 97 ARKANSAS by 33 points

This game doesn't setup well at all for Arkansas after last week's disaster in Tuscaloosa. Now, Arkansas ranked 108th in scoring defense (32.3 pts/gm 387 yds/gm) must stop the No. 1 ranked yardage offense of Texas A&M (45.0 pts/gm, 574 yds/gm). It doesn't help that Texas A&M will have the 12th man on their No. 34 scoring defense (18.3 pts/gm, 352 yds/gm) to stop Arkansas' No. 38 scoring offense (32.0 pts/gm, 443 yds/gm). I'm afraid this one might get out of hand for the Hogs.

No. 11 AUBURN over No. 15 TENNESSEE by 3 points

Tennessee's No. 8 yardage defense (18.0 pts/gm, 233 yds/gm) is stingy on yardage, but not as much on scoring. Auburn's No. 3 scoring offense (45.3 pts/gm, 526 yds/gm) should have some opportunities to score if a short field present itself. On the flip side, can Tennessee's No. 42 scoring offense (31.3 pts/gm, 369 yds/gm) find a way to score often enough against Auburn's No. 70 scoring defense (24.3 pts/gm, 325 yds/gm). I have a feeling this one may be a mid-20s to low 30s game with a field goal winning it late.

No. 26 LSU over No. 57 GEORGIA by 9 points

Georgia's motto must be, "win ugly, but win", and so goes Georgia's No. 45 scoring offense (30.8 pts/gm, 357 yds/gm). LSU on the other hand uses it's No. 23 scoring defense (15.3 pts/gm, 334 yds/gm) to slow down their opponents and the game long enough for their No. 53 offense (28.8 pts/gm, 310 yds/gm) to find the endzone often enough to win the game. Georgia's defense showed improvement last week, let's see if it sticks for the No. 95 scoring defense (29.8 pts/gm, 356 yds/gm). Georgia's forgiving defense should be enough for LSU to pull another mysterious victory.

No. 47 GEORGIA TECH over No. 69 MISSISSIPPI STATE by 6 points

Two middle of the road offenses versus two better than average defenses. Georgia Tech's No. 65 scoring offense (27.0 pts/gm, 387 yds/gm) best find a way to score against Miss. State's No. 52 scoring offense (22.3 pts/gm, 301 yds/gm). Miss. State's No. 63 scoring offense (27.5 pts/gm, 356 yds/gm) goes up against basically the same in Georgia Tech's No. 43 scoring defense (21.0 pts/gm, 321 yds/gm). I say this is a toss up, but Georgia Tech may wear Miss. State's defense down late and win by touchdown (minus one for the cowbells).


South Carolina should win going away. USC's No. 83 scoring (24.5 pts/gm, 371 yds/gm) needs the practice in a game situation to help out their stout No. 13 yardage defense (17.5 pts/gm, 249 yds/gm). This is a practice game so there better not be any slip ups.

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