Player Spotlight: Ryan Romans

Ryan Romans, safety/wide receiver from Russellville, Ala., has three schools of interest with a couple of favorites. He took some time off the gridiron this week in a Q&A session.

Ryan Romans
Safety/Wide Receiver
Class of 2010
Jersey: 1
Ht: 6-1
Wt: 165
Bench Press: 255
Squat: 345
Power Clean: 225

Schools of Interest: "South Alabama, Alabama, Georgia Tech."

Favorite college teams: "Alabama and Texas."

Romans attended summer camp at Alabama and receiving mail from South Alabama, Georgia Tech, and "a bunch of small colleges."

Shea Lowery: What do you like most about football:
Ryan Romans: "Hitting people."

SL: How does football prepare you for life:
RR: "It helps you become more responsible."

SL: How long have you been playing:
RR: "6 years."

SL: How do coaches influence players:
RR: "They guide you in the direction that you need to go."

SL: How do you motivate yourself for games:
RR: "Think about what I'm going to do when I get on the field."

SL: What would you say to a kid just starting out playing football:
RR: "To try hard and to do the best you can."

SL: Define Team:
RR: "Group of people working together in every aspect of the game."

SL: Define Victory:
RR: "When a team beats the other team and their at the top of their game."

SL: What is your greatest memory thus far in high school football:
RR: "Playing in the State Championship game."

SL: Greatest Rival:
RR: "Hartselle."

SL: What do you want to accomplish before you graduate:
RR: "Win a state championship."

SL: A true champion is:
RR: "Someone who strives to accomplish their goals and achieves them."

SL: How important are grades:
RR: "Most important."

SL: What do you do for fun:
RR: "Hang out with my girlfriend and chill with friends."

SL: Favorite Food:
RR: "Steak."

SL: Favorite Movie:
RR: "Friday Night Lights."

SL: What is your greatest goal:
RR: "To graduate from college and to begin a career."

SL: How has your dad influenced your life:
RR: "Being supportive."

SL: How do you want to be remembered one day:
RR: "To be respected as a great leader."

SL: How important is Character:
RR: "Very important."

SL: Who has had the greatest influence on your life thus far:
RR: "My Pop."

SL: What is something you feel people are really missing out on in this world:
RR: "God."

SL: Why is finishing important:
RR: "If you don't finish, then you haven't really done anything."

SL: What might you miss out on if you don't finish:
RR: "The great reward at the end."

Shea Lowery is the Director of Quinn's Ranch Children's Home.
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