'Time-out': Maudrecus Humphrey

Maudrecus Humphrey, wide receiver from Hoover, Ala., has several schools showing interest with many options to choose from for his college career. Humphrey took some time to discuss more in this Q&A session.

Name: Maudrecus Humphrey
School: Hoover High School
Position: Wide Receiver
Class: 2010
Jersey: No. 26
Ht: 6-2
Wt: 185
Bench Press: 245
Squat: 340
Power Clean: 260

Schools of Interest: "Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Nebraska, West Virginia, Mississippi State."

Shea Lowery: Who are your favorite college teams:
Maudrecus Humphrey: "Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Alabama."

SL: Did you attend any summer camps:
MH: "I did not attend any."

SL: Have you attended any college games this fall:
MH: "Yes I have. Ole Miss -vs- Alabama and Kentucky -vs- Alabama. The visits went great."

SL: What do you like most about football:
MH: "The feeling you get after you have made a big play or scored a touchdown."

SL: How does football prepare you for life:
MH: "It helps with teamwork and teaches good work ethic."

SL: How long have you been playing:
MH: "I have been playing since I was in 6th grade."

SL: How do coaches influence players:
MH: "The coaches words alone can influence me. If the players listen and believe in the words the coaches are telling them, then they will follow every word."

SL: How do you motivate yourself for games:
MH: "I set goals for myself."

SL: What would you say to a kid just starting out playing football:
MH: "Work hard to be the best at whatever position you play."

SL: Define Team:
MH: "A group of people working together for a common goal."

SL: Define Victory:
MH: "Achieving that certain goal that you set for yourself or team."

SL: What is your greatest memory thus far in high school football:
MH: "The big win over Camden County."

SL: Greatest Rival:
MH: "Vestavia Hills High School."

SL: What do you want to accomplish before you graduate:
MH: "I want to have a great senior season for the rest of football and track."

SL: A true champion is:
MH: "Someone that gives all out effort all the time."

SL: How important are grades:
MH: "Grades are very important because you can be the best player in the nation, but without grades you can't go anywhere."

SL: What do you do for fun:
MH: "Go to the movies or hang out with friends."

SL: Favorite Food:
MH: "Chicken Alfredo."

SL: Favorite Movie:
MH: "Good Burger."

SL: What is your greatest goal:
MH: "To become the best wide receiver in the nation."

SL: How has your dad influenced your life:
MH: "He has taught me everything I know about football."

SL: What is the greatest thing your mom ever taught you:
MH: "My mom taught me how to run and to always keep my head up no matter what obstacles come my way."

SL: How do you want to be remembered one day:
MH: "I want to be remembered as one of those people that was just amazing at everything they did."

SL: How important is Character:
MH: "Character is who you are. So if you have bad character you often are not the best person. That is the first thing people look at when they look at you."

SL: Who has had the greatest influence on your life thus far:
MH: "My dad by far."

SL: What is something you feel that people are really missing out on in this world:
MH: "I think most people in the world are missing out on the fun times of their lives. Too many people wish they were older when all they need to wish for is to stay the age they are. It is said that the best times of your life are your teen years, so we should definitely take advantage of these times."

SL: Why is finishing important:
MH: "Because finishing is the universal sign for overcoming that certain obstacle."

SL: What might you miss out on if you don't finish:
MH: "You might miss out on all the great opportunities that come with finishing."

Shea Lowery is the Director of Quinn's Ranch Children's Home.
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