SEC Power Predictions

Walking the tight rope of the college football season is never easy. The closer teams get to the end, the more pressure builds on the team, coaches and the fans.

The end of the season for fans of teams not in the hunt still carries the hope of being a spoiler by pulling off an upset. But if the team loses to the favorite it is expected, though it is a loss, it is easier to swallow.

For fans of teams still in hunt for BCS glory the season is enjoyable, but it's almost like you can't breathe until it is completely over. A loss is crushing even though the season is an overall success. It's walking on eggshells time for those remaining with a shot at the title.

Unfortunately with the current system, a loss carries a heavier burden toward the end of the season for everyone.

YRATINGS.COM POWER RANKINGS thru Week #12 (using all games)
1. (122.0) ALABAMA - Bama is back! on top in the rankings that is..
2. (120.8) FLORIDA - drop a bit due to last week's struggle.
3. (111.5) OLE MISS - welcome back Rebels - up 2 spots and 3.1 rating points.
4. (111.3) ARKANSAS - the Hogs are still climbing up 2 spots and 2.9 rating points.
5. (111.1) LSU - down 1 spot and 0.7 ratings points after the tussle with Tech.
6. (110.6) TENNESSEE - fell 3 spots and 3.1 ratings points after the beatdown by the Rebs.
7. (106.5) AUBURN - dropped 1.4 rating points but held the ranking even after loss to the Dogs.
8. (103.2) KENTUCKY - plus 0.1 rating points - same ranking.
9. (100.8) GEORGIA - plus 1.0 points and up 1 spot after the rivalry win over AU.
10.(100.1) SO. CAROLINA - plus 0.4 points and up 1 spot after hard fought loss to.
11.( 99.0) MISS STATE - down 2.1 and 2 spots after Bama pounded the Dogs.
12.( 89.8) VANDERBILT - still on bottom but up 0.4 ratings points.

Alabama made a nice move up while Florida is good but losing points each week. Ole Miss made a statement against Tennessee and moved into the top-3 while Tennessee tumbled.

POWER RANKINGS (based on SEC games only)
1. (116.0) ALABAMA - back on top
2. (113.7) FLORIDA - sliding a little
3. (104.7) LSU - up 1
4. (102.3) TENNESSEE - down 1
5. (102.1) OLE MISS - up 3
6. ( 99.0) ARKANSAS - down 1
7. ( 98.2) GEORGIA - no change
8. ( 97.4) AUBURN - down 2
9. ( 94.2) SO. CAROLINA - up 1
10.( 92.8) MISS STATE - down 1
11.( 92.7) KENTUCKY - no change
12.( 84.9) VANDERBILT - no change

Ole Miss is climbing back up toward the top Auburn slipped the most down the rankings.

Last week's predictions went 5-2 (71%) which makes the picks 45-11 (80%) for the season. The losing picks were Tennessee and prediction nemesis Auburn (the pick losing streak is up to 5 in a row).

Visit WWW.YRATINGS.COM to see how the NCAA compares to the SEC. (*rankings are based on 120 NCAA teams)


Alabama - scoring difference rank No. 7, schedule rank No. 18

Unless Chattanooga has changed it's name to Auburn then this game is an afterthought at least as far as the fans are concerned. Alabama's starters should get a good half of playing time before the bench is cleared then focus will shift to Auburn and the Iron Bowl. BALLPARK PREDICTION: BAMA BY 45 POINTS


Fla. International - scoring difference difference rank No. 102, schedule rank No. 108

Florida - scoring difference rank No. 4, schedule rank No. 31

Florida should coast to a victory, but this game does have some significance to the ratings since Alabama played Fla. International early in the season. Florida does need to tidy up some things before the championship game not too mention high flying Florida State next week. PREDICTION: FLORIDA BY 32 POINTS

No. 100 VANDERBILT (2-9) AT No. 22 TENNESSEE (5-5)

Vanderbilt - scoring difference rank No. 93, schedule rank No. 38
Tennessee - scoring difference rank No. 30, schedule rank No. 36

Tennessee's turmoil played out on the field as well as off the field last week against Ole Miss. But a home game against state rival Vandy could be just what the doctor ordered to make everyone feel a little better. PREDICTION: TENNESSEE BY 21 POINTS


Miss State - scoring difference rank No. 72, schedule rank No. 1
Arkansas - scoring difference rank No. 25, schedule rank No. 13

Mississippi State had it's own cow bell rung by Alabama last week while Arkansas put a beatdown on Troy. The Hogs need to be careful to not take State too lightly since most SEC have struggled against the Tide. PREDICTION: ARKANSAS BY 12 POINTS

No. 21 LSU (8-2) AT No. 18 MISSISSIPPI (7-3)

LSU - scoring difference rank No. 27, schedule rank No. 70
Ole Miss - scoring difference rank No. 13, schedule rank No. 35

LSU is beat up, and Ole Miss plays well at home. Trouble could be looming for the visiting Tigers. A week ago the ratings would have picked LSU, but Ole Miss popped the Vols enough to pass the Tigers. This one is almost too close to call. PREDICTION: OLE MISS BY 1 POINT

No. 49 KENTUCKY (6-4) AT No. 57 GEORGIA (6-4)

Kentucky - scoring difference rank No. 52, schedule rank No. 57
Georgia - scoring difference rank No. 61, schedule rank No. 4

Georgia has played one of the toughest schedules, and it's starting to pay dividends since the Bulldogs sent Auburn packing last week while Kentucky did what it had to do to handle the Commodores. If you use the overall ratings go with Kentucky, but if you use SEC games only rating Georgia is the pick. Overall ratings is what is used, so it'll be the Cats in an upset? PREDICTION: KENTUCKY BY 2 POINTS

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