Josue Howerton Trust Donation Account

Read this sad and amazing story about GCC o-lineman Josue Howerton

Imagine this. At 7 PM you are considered a bonafide division-one offensive tackle. At 7:30, you are in the hospital with a broken leg.

Not an uncommon incident at a college football game; but this is just the tip of the iceberg for what happened to current Glendale Community College and former Willow Canyon offensive lineman Josue Howerton.

On Monday, September 20th, Josue's dad, William Howerton, was taken to a local hospital's emergency room. On Friday, Sept. 24th, Josue gets a call from the doctors to rush to the hospital as his dad has taken a turn for the worst and was in a life threatening coma. In order to eliminate the infection that's ravishing his dad's body, Josue was asked to sign the legal papers authorizing the doctor's to amputate his comatose dad's leg. The 19 year-old, Josue signs the papers.

On Saturday, September 28th, Josue in an attempt to get back to some "normalcy" decides to play in GCC's football game. In the first quarter of the game, he breaks his leg in two places (the fibula and tibia) and is rushed off to the hospital for surgery. While in the hospital, his home was broken into and thieves stole his and his family's personal valuables.

If things weren't bad enough, on Sunday, Josue is diagnosed with pneumonia after having his leg surgery. Doctors recommend that he needs to stay in the hospital at least a week to properly recover. On Monday, Josue almost passes as his lungs almost stop functioning. He was placed on a respirator all day on Monday and Tuesday clinging to life. On Tuesday, while Josue is in and out of consciousness, doctor's realize that William's infection (the dad) isn't improving and make the decision to amputate his other leg. Josue's 18 year old sister signs the legal documents for her dad's second amputation as Josue is not capable in his state.

As of today, Thursday, September 30th, both Howerton's are still in the hospital recovering. However, it doesn't look promising for William, he still on life support.

We are writing this to ask for your prayers for this family. We're writing for you to pray about helping this family out financially from the staggering medical costs they are facing, if and when they recover.

I realize how incredible and sad this story is, that's why I'm getting involved in sharing this story.

A benevolence fund through Chase Bank here in Phoenix has been set up.

Contributions can be made at any Chase Bank location just ask for either the name of the fund or the account number.

"Josue Howerton Trust Donation Account"

Account #: 2968567186

Thank you and feel free to pass this along to anyone you know.

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