6th Graders take over PrepAZ.com!

PrepAZ.com is providing a community service for all the future stars of the pen. This week we will allow 6th graders to write a review of the ....

Please do not adjust your internet connection, this week prepaz.com turns the reigns over to students from two classes in two public schools in Phoenix to review the new film Holes. The novel Holes, written by Louis Sachar is a Newbery Award winning novel that a recent study has shown is starting more kids reading right now than any other book, including Harry Potter. Who better to review the filmed version of the book that kids who?ve read it, right? So was born the first, semi-annual "Kids Take Over" week on prepaz.com.

Looking for guidance and help flmGEEk enlisted the help of two teachers and their 6th grade classes. The objective, get kids who?ve read the novel Holes, take them to a theater, have them watch the film, and then give us reviews of the movie. It offers the students an opportunity to work on their persuasive writing, it offers the readers of prepaz a chance to learn more about a movie they (after reading the reviews) may or may not want to see, and it offers two students from each class an opportunity to have their reviews published in their entirety on the front page of the site.

Tuesday and Wednesday you?ll be reading the winners from Miss Noha Elbaz?s class. Miss Elbaz teaches 6th grade at the V.H. Lassen School in South Phoenix. On Thursday and Friday the two winners of Mr. Justin Jones? class at M.C. Cash Elementary will be featured. The crack staff at prepaz.com selected these four reviews as the best of the bunch, but nearly fifty students in all wrote reviews of the film. In the next couple of pages you?ll read a sampling from virtually all those students.

We at prepaz are always looking for young, talented writers (if for no other reason than to give Coach T options for replacing the flmGEEk), and we would like to thank a few people for their cooperation. At M.C. Cash Principal Mark Martinez, Assistant Principal Kim Meehan, and Superintendent of the Laveen School District Dr. Walder were all invaluable. At V.H. Lassen School in the Roosevelt School District Principal Tony Bustamante, Assistant Principal Hamed El-Afandi, and Superintendent Dr. Warren all gave support and ideas. The management and staff at Harkins Gateway Theaters get big ups as does a certain secretary at Lassen (make sure those kids get their lunch!). Prepaz would also like to send out a special thank you to Teach For America, the nonprofit teacher-recruiting group that placed both Miss Elbaz and Mr. Jones in Phoenix.

But most of all we at prepaz would like to thank the kids, and the parents of the kids, who were able to participate. Some of you liked the movie, some hated it, but all of you are what makes this article top notch, so in the coming week, take a bow and enjoy, you kids have officially taken over.

Though only two from each class could win and have their entire reviews printed, there were just too many good lines in the other reviews to let them go to waste. Without further ado lets get to some samples to wet you whistles, Mr. Jones? class will get their turn on Thursday, first here?s Miss Elbaz?s class.

"The book was splendid, the movie wasn?t. If I were you I would wait for the video. The movie gives the book a bad name." Idania G.

"This movie is boring and that?s why I would rather watch Barney and Teletubbies than Holes" Antonio

"For a flawless film, mix one part acting, one part writing, one part directing, a dash of charm and a sprinkle of good looks, you end up with Holes." Ivonne B.

"I recommend you don?t go see the movie. Don?t waist your money, you can do anything you want with your money. I recommend you read the book first and you will see the differences." Caleb P.

"I think all three actors, or maybe more, should end their career right now." Samuel B.

"I think that the book is much better than the movie because in the book you want to know what?s going to happen in the next chapter all the way to the end." Maricela O.

"Stanley and Zero returned to Camp Greenlake to find a surprise. In the end you will see a big surprise." Veronica

"Caught in their pajamas Pendanski, The Warden, and Mr. Sir await their fate." Jessica

"Caveman quickly befriends Zero and they both manage to get themselves into a number of sticky situations which I won?t give away." Sharona S.

"I would rather dig a hole and bury the movie than watch it." Xochmar Q.

"Had I had her venom nail polish?I would have scratched out my own eyes than suffer through this film." Michelle N.

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