Stephanie's take on Holes!

The kids are on a roll, and at this rate they'll put the flmGEEk out of business for good. Next up is our second winner Stephanie R. also of Miss Noha Elbaz's class at Lassen. Her take on Holes takes over PREPAZ now...

The movie Holes was absolutely dreadful. I think you should not even bother wasting your money on it. If you ask me, I would say Louis Sachar should stick to writing books, so that was he can't change the "Hole" meaning of it.

Although the movie was terrible, you have to give props to Kissing Kate Barlow (Patricia Arquette) and Sam the Onion Man (Dule Hill) who were incredible because it was obvious the actors really knew their parts. You can tell they are going big time in the future.

On the other hand you take Mr. Sir (Jon Voight) a character that was not necessary at all. Another character, Twich, was absolutely annoying and the lizards those lizards were the most absurd, want to be Jurassic Park lizards.

The film is based on an award winning novel also titled Holes. The book is just like a big puzzle. But it seems the only thing they are puzzling in the movie is where in the world the script might be. When you read the book it makes you stop and think, or as the book puts it, "Fill in the holes." But in the movie they fill in all the holes for you.

I think Sigourney Weaver's character was atrocious because it didn't make sense. Especially when she said she made her own nail polish out of snake venom. That is so lame! Or when she asked Stanley (Shia LeBeouf) if she could see what was inside the chest he found. I mean, who does she think she is?

I still really think Louis Sachar should stick to writing books. The book was better than the movie because the book was exciting. The movie wasn't exciting at all; in the simplest terms it was plain dumb. There are so many other great movies you can go see. Don't waste your money or time watching Holes.

by Stephanie R.

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