Diana's take on Holes!

And our final winner is Diana A! But were not done just yet. PREPAZ digs our final "hole" by sampling many of Mr. Justin Jones' students, including Miss Diana, and a final word from the flmGEEk.

The movie Holes is based on the award winning book, written by Louis Sachar, whom also turned the book into a movie. Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats (Shia La Beouf) and his family. A lady named Madam Zeroni placed a curse on Stanley's family because of Stanley's "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather," not doing what he was told.
Stanley is accused of stealing a pair of shoes that belonged to a famous baseball player most people knew as "Sweet Feet." Stanley didn't steal the shoes, they fell from the sky and hit him in the back of the head, but since the police saw Stanley with the shoes they thought that he stole them. Stanley was always at the wrong place at the wrong time. He gets sent to Camp Greenlake by a judge in court.
Camp Greenlake is like a boot camp for young boys that are bad. They have to dig holes at camp, and after 18 mounts they're supposed to be good boys, then they get to go back home. When Stanley gets to camp, he meets Zero (Khleo Thomas). Stanley and Zero run away from camp and find a mountain. They think that the mountain looks like Gods thumb. When Stanley and Zero are climbing up the mountain, Zero faints because he has no water. So Stanley carries Zero on his back up the mountain. Stanley always had bad luck because of the curse, but when they get to the top of the mountain there was water and that's what they needed. They went back to camp where they saw the rest of the boys: X-Ray (Brenden Jefferson), Squid (Jake M. Smith), Armpit (Bryan Cotton), Zig-Zag (Max Kasch), and Magnet (Miguel Castro). The way that La Beouf acted was great and he fit the character of Stanley Yelnats. The movie and the book were different because in the book they hardly talk about The Warden (Sigourney Weaver) but in the movie she played an important role. In the book they also say that Stanley is fat while in the movie he?s skinny.
You should see the movie, it was a success, and I give it three stars.
By Diana A.


So this week's first The Kids Take Over contest is now officially history. Hope the kids set you on the right course (whether or not that's seeing the movie or passing depends on whom you believe). Thanks again to all you readers out there, as well as to Coach T for working us in. In fact I've been given a special message from all the kids in Mr. Jones' and Miss Elbaz's classes. "Thanks PrepAz, thanks Coach T, thanks readers, and thanks flmGEEk." Okay, so I added the last one myself. They're all just trying to take my job, and there are plenty of them to do it. To close us out, a few samples from some of Mr. Jones' class, picking the two winners from this batch was no easy task I'll have you know, and here's why.

"You should see the movie because it is acted well, and very funny. All the boys did a really good job." Judith M.

"My favorite part was when Stanley was fighting Zig-Zag. I liked that part because it was really funny and they're good actors." Amber

"Hey, the movie Holes is really fantastic. It's really funny too." Daysi L.

"I liked this movie because it's tight, but the truth is the book's better." Ania R.

"I recommend people see this movie and read the book." Kevin

"I liked it because it was funny, tight, cool, and hilarious." Justin

"So they dig and dig all day in the hot sun, wishing for shade, and when they take showers they get only cold water." Sherice F

"To find out more go to a movie theater near you." Cynthia E.

"They call him Magnet because his hands pick up everything like magnets. He was the cutest boy in the movie." Crystal

"To me, the movie was hardly anything like the book, but it was a really good movie." Lynda R.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


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