FAST Training Tip: XII

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Now that the season is under way, the question comes up "What do we do with our weight room program?" The best way to put this is to ask the question," How strong do you want your team come playoff time?" A lot of programs talk about winning state championships or making the playoffs, but don't have a plan for that in the weight room. This is the time to drop your volume and increase your intensity. You should be dropping exercises that don't increase strength (anything with a balance or stability component). Your Olympic movements should already have been introduced to your program. Now you will be able to increase % on these movements. An easy starting point for the strength phase of your program would be 5 sets of 5 reps keep your % between 75%-85%. There are many sets/reps schemes you can do to achieve strength, but this should get you going.

As for exercises selection you will want to go back to the basics (squats, presses, pulls). By keeping it simple on your strength movements you can put more time into your Oly movements. A suggestion to be made would be to have a Oly movement as your first exercise every day you lift. By doing this you can reinforce football specific movements in the weight room.



Warm-up: Dynamic Warm-up

Power Clean 2x75%, 3x85%

Push Jerk 2x75%, 3x85%

Bench Press 2x75%,3x85%,1x75% max reps

Pull Ups 8xmax reps

Eric Reed – North Central PHX FAST

Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach

USAW Sports Performance and Club Coach

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