Dear Coach, my son CAN PLAY!

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Hype, or if a parent does the talking, would it be "sibling hype", has become bigger than ever in gyms across the Valley. After spending the last 2 weeks checking out leagues around town, I came away more humored than ever.

I wondered what I could do, "politically correct", to convey what I hear or read on a daily basis being the catch all for I came up with composing this letter for all to read, to a fictitious head coach, regarding a fictitious freshman/sophomore playing for a quality team this summer in a local summer league. Names have been changed to protect the guilty, but a parent out there, maybe even YOU, has said everything in this letter!

Dear Coach, 

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"Play Hard" has become the focus on the national recruiting scene thus far as numerous college coaches wonder "what happened" to the lost art of "bustin your ass" 94 feet for 32 minutes? Arizona Club teams have "improved over the last few years" in terms of competing, but lack of the real superstars still allude us! The 2003-2004 Arizona prep player has yet to learn how to compete at the National Level. Yes you heard that right, with less than a handful of "High Major" prospects (1 IMO) in 2004, the cupboard is bare for the elite NCAA programs to dip into the State and land a contributor their freshman campaign. Why? We just don't know how to play hard, THAT'S WHY! This State has always been under recruited, and back in the 80's when I dabbled in the pressure packed scene of college recruiting, Arizona is where I could count on landing a few solid mid-major prospects, but honestly the talent pool has not improved a whole lot in 20+ years. Arizona players don't play hard!

The mind set for the majority of all involved with our (Arizona) prep basketball world has become "market" the player, and hope to get noticed...

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