"JimmyJames" joins PrepAZ.com!

"JimmyJames" promises to elevate your interest, humor, shock and inform all the visitors of PrepAZ.com...

PrepAZ.com & CrashTheBoards welcomes our newest Editor, JimmyJames!  "JJ" will focus on the stories within the story, while our usual suspects will continue to keep all of us informed on the Arizona Prep Sports scene.

"JJ" will focus on player profiles, off the court interests, and feature stories for PrepAZ.com. 

Please help me welcome our newest member to the PrepAZ.com staff! "JimmyJames"!

Thanks again for visiting PrepAZ.com, and helping develop it into the best AZ sports website around! 

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Do you want to join our expert staff?

PrepAZ.com depends on you! We need hardcore fans to bring all the 411 to the masses. Scott, JustDad, JimmyJames, DaCook, JTL, CD, Dangerous Woody and myself want others to join what is the #1 Sports website in Arizona! No more bad prep coverage from the Pub. We have arrived!

PrepAZ.com is depended upon volunteers with a passion for high school basketball, football, and all the other sports in Arizona to bring you the latest news, reviews, commentary and coverage. Many of our message board posters have stepped up for us and come out to write about the games, the tournaments, players and schools that are in their area. This volunteer staff is a tremendous asset to running our successful site and these men and women have done an excellent job, but even they can not cover the entire state or every division. If you would like to write for ArizonaPrep.com and can give regular coverage to games within your area, come aboard. We would love to have ya. If you are looking to become a journalist and need a starting point or some place to practice your style and have an interest in high school sports, then let us give you that forum.

To begin writing for PrepAZ.com, cover a game or do a player profile and submit it to us via e-mail: coacht@prepaz.com. We will review your style and let you know what games or players or stories we would like to see you do for ArizonaPrep.com. If it fits your schedule and your willing, you're on board!

For those of you who would like to occasionally submit an article for us and not write on a regular basis, we have given you the opportunity to do so. Just e-mail me at coacht@prepaz.com  Keep it clean and honest and to the purity of prep sports and we will put it up on the site.

Thanks for everyone's help. Without you, there would be no PrepAZ.com!


Coach T

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