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As the new reporter here on PrepAZ and CrashtheBoards I suspect all of you crashers expect me to have the answers. But here, in my first article, I'll ask you the questions, and hope you can give me some answers. Yes, this is about high school sports, but the question I have is how much do you really want to know about high school sports? Everything? Are you sure?

Do you want to know if the head coach at your school cusses out his players in practice? Do you want to know if the starting center on your team smokes pot? How much do you really want to know? Should I keep it between the lines, on the court? Is the locker room off limits? What about the team bus on the way home? Practice, spring workouts, summer ball? Where does the story end, and gossip begin?

I'll be going to the Adidas Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas. My plan is to post on the boards three times a day for the length of the trip. Do you want to know if players bring fake I.D.s and go gambling? Do you want to know if they pick up girls? What if at the after party they sneak some vodka into the punch. What if the coaching staff celebrates at a strip club? What if the coaches make a player play sick? What if they play hurt? What if they cheat, use steroids? What if there's a fight on the bus? At the hotel?

And how about you parents? Do I report the fight that took place in the stands between the starting point guard's parents and the backup point guard's parents? What if the fight was out in the parking lot after the game? What if a player misses two free throws at the end of the game? Do you want me to stop there? What if other parents (or even his own) turn on him, blame him for a loss? How far do you want me to go?

I've heard the complaint, I've made the complaint, that all we read about sports anymore is who gets arrested, who's doing drugs, who's doing 120mph at three in the morning drunk. It's never about what happens on the court or the field anymore, it's about what happens off of it. What do you want to read, what do you want to know? I'm simply showing you all the doors, you tell me which ones you want me to walk through. You tell me and then I'll tell you what you want to hear.


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