Friday Night Phenoms: Semi-Finals

Or should we call this the "Monday Night Phenoms"?

Player of the Week

* Saguaro QB Luke Rubenzer was on fire against Desert Edge. He completed 25 of his 29 passes for 541 yards and 9 TDs.


* Salpointe's Andy Cota passed for 349 yards and 4 TDs, one a piece to Cameron Denson and Kaelin Deboskie, who both went over 100 yards. Coat also rushed for 3 TDs.

* Desert Edge's Anthony Hernandez had 477 yards and 5 TDs, two of those went to Elijah Marks.

* Yuma Catholic's Jagen Cleary threw for 483 yards and 3 TDs against Thatcher.


* Hamilton's Tyrell Smith ran for 130 yards and scored 3 times, including the go ahead score on 4th and goal in their game against Chandler.

* Great performances in the Queen Creek Williams Field game. QC's Matt Guida had 95 yards and 2 scores while WF's Jacob Anderson had 191 yards.

* Round Valley's Ethan Workman had 205 yards and 1 score against ALA.

* Yuma Catholic's Carter Rodriguez had 6 TDs against Thatcher.


* J.T. Nettleton from Saguaro caught 8 passes for 223 yards and 5 TDs against Desert Edge.

* Saguaro junior Christian Kirk had 165 yards receiving and rushed for another 69 yards.


* I was at the Mt. Pointe v. Desert Ridge game and the Pride defense was fantastic.

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