Friday Night Phenoms: 10/13

State records are thrown out the window in this week's Phenoms

Player of the Week

* In a crazy 95-75 win over AJ, Higley QB Mason Crossland threw for a state record 641 yards and 9 TDs versus 0 INTs.

* I can't let another state record go unnoticed. Scottsdale Christian Academy WR Ben McKeighan had 368 receiving yards last week.


* Sunnyslope's Mason Cheatham had 241 yards and 5 TDs.

* In that AJ/Higley game, Adam Abattacola threw for 565 yards, ran for 169 and even had 16 receiving yards.

* Centennial junior Isaac Steele had 226 yards and 5 TDs versus Desert Vista. He also ran a 6th in.

* SCA's Nick Smith threw for 477 yards and had 100 yards rushing.

* Heath Motes from Thatcher makes the list again. He had 201 yards rushing and 3 total TDs.

* Michigan State commit Brian Lewerke from Pinnacle had 272 yards passing and 5 TDs and 147 yards rushing and 2 more scores.

* Marana Mt. View's Justice Summerset had 315 yards and 3 TDs versus Vista Grande.

* Valley Christian's Chris Williams had 5 TDs.

* Moon Valley stayed undefeated behind Shannon Burton. He had 300 yards of offense and 4 total TDs.

* Seton Catholic's Zach Wade had 320 yards passing and 240 yards rushing versus Coolidge.

* Kane Tieman from Westwood had 232 passing, 77 rushing and 2 TDs versus Campo Verde.

* Perry's Austin Nightingale had 201 yards passing and 2 Tds and 73 rushing yards and anther score versus Highland.

* Cactus junior Preston Guerra had 291 yards and 2 TDs passing and 76 yards and 1 TD on the ground.


* Valley Lutheran's Kyron Newton had 4 Tds on just 6 carries versus San Pasqual.

* James Garcia from Higley had 4 TDs versus AJ.

* Coronado's Braden Tixley-Green had 4 TDs versus Chino Valley.

* Ethan Johnson from Westwood had 181 yards and 3 TDs.

* Josh Chadwick from Highland had 176 yards and 3 TDs in a loss to Perry.


* Willow Canyon's Alex Gallaspy had 4 catches for 165 yards and 2 TDs versus Kellis.

* Saguaro junior Byron Murphy had 2 TD catches versus Williams Field.

* Higley's Trent Gilbert had 10 catches for 235 yards and 4 TDs while Bayley Cook had 6 catches for 143 yards and 4 scores versus AJ.

* Brandon Krcilek from Hamilton had 5 catches for 101 yards and 3 TDs versus Basha.


* Congrats to Mike Morgan from St. John's and Jim Rattay from Chavez as they both reached the 300 win milestone.

* Brophy's Streator Bates is known as a receiver but his 48 yard FG propelled the Broncos to a win over Mt. Pointe.

* Nick Gardona from Mt. Ridge took an INT 85 yards and a kick back to the house versus Boulder Creek.

* BC's Ryan Parenteau is having a monster year. He had 2 INTs, 1 for six against Ridge.

* Saguaro's Christian Kirk had a TD run, threw a TD and had an INT.

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