Brophy College Preparatory Guard School.

The Broncos get their first major test December 2. vs #1 Desert Vista.

Brophy College Prep: Walking into the gym on Central I saw a team warming up for an afternoon practice. After my first glance I thought the JV squad still had a few minutes left, but after seeing Kevin Schneider on the court I realized our #10 pre-season Brophy Broncos had a team full of Guards, Guards, Guards. Oh they have a post, but the danger in this team are the power they present in the backcourt. "Small Ball" will be the chant in Broncoville in 2003-2004.! They are without Gerad Punch (Furman) and John Shumate (Yale) but bring back a bucket full of, you guessed it, GUARDS!

SR. PG Thanasi Panagiotakopoulos leads the charge. A talented PG who can flat out stroke it, T-soup will be looked upon to lead Coach Grangers team. He can take over a game with his pure shooting, but will no doubt get the other Bronco veteran SR. G Kevin Schneider involved. Schneider, son of former DI Coach Jeff Schneider, is experienced and make up the backcourt that could beat anybody in AZ. Coach Granger has a bench full of guards who would start for almost anybody. JR. Rodney Brown earned a rep in LA this past summer and was listed as a top guard in the west. And sophomore guard David Schneider will have a breakout season. If the Broncos get inside help look out!                                      

Grangers system dictates who starts and the line-up will change game to game. When asked his tentative line-up he responded, "Our starters will rotate among 10 players, and will change every night". That's great, but rest assured T-Soup and Schneider are the leaders. Thanasi will break many backs with his knock out 3's, Schneider you get perhaps the smartest player on the court, who makes everybody better. He can shoot it, handle it against the toughest pressure, and plays all out for 32 minutes.

Inside the paint 6'7" Jr. Mike Strittmatter will hold his own and the Bronco success could rest on his huge frame. "Stritt" plays well, the Broncos win. Other potential starters include Jr. Rodney Brown, Jake Lewis who along with Thansai, Kevin and "Stritt" should be a regular when line-ups are introduced. Kyle Westfal, Kyle Creager, Chad Moellenburg, Thatias White, Soph David Schneider (Kevins Bro) and Billy Robb.

The 2003-2004 version of the Broncos are solid, and dangerous for opposing teams. With the deep bench, great shooters, and ability to run teams into the ground, look for Broncoville to upset many along the way. "Small Ball" will be the cry for 32 minutes. And a "tip" for opponents, bring lots of water, you will need it!

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