Corona del Sol has a secret.

Not interested in Club basketball, nor did the hounding cries of "you need to do this" matter to this Aztec about to breakout...

When your 6'9" 240lbs. people assume your a basketball player. Corona del Sol Sr. Josh Spence fits square in the middle of that category. At 6'9" 240 Spence is looked at being a player. Over the last 2 years Josh has heard it all. All the why's? Or Why nots? He stayed away from Club Basketball. He wanted to do it on his own. He battled everyone, including teammates, coaches, parents and of course his own conviction. In the end he won. Spence did it on his own, and starting December 2, against the #2 Mesa Jackrabbits he will prove to all involved he made the right decision. His way!

Spence comes into the 2003-2004 season a relative unknown. He is a monster man, and his anonymity will be wiped away with his first monster dunk, his first game high 8 blocked shots, or his ability to change the shots of everybody who comes into his house (the paint).

Spence could be the missing link the Aztecs need and slowly rise in the rankings, and in the end be the Cinderella in the charge to AWA. His presence is huge in the middle, his put backs are back breaking, and his quiet presence on the court deceiving.

Spence has heard from a few DI schools along the way, but that is not a concern to Spence, in the end his success will measured on how well his team performs, and the proof that doing it his way was right.

Come March the ring of "I TOLD YA SO" will echo throughout the CdS lockerrom. 6'9" Josh Spence will have arrived, successful, and more importantly, his way!

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