Bittl and Quaintance rock!

Bittl and Quaintance come away from PV tournament as Champions...

Quaintance and Bittl rock!

BQ (Bittl & Quaintance) have a 6th sense. What it is no one knows. But these guys are a dangerous pair that taught their opponents this past week it is more powerful than reputations, athleticism, or the typical stereo type basketball player.


BQ look like a pair of enthusiastic long time friends on their way to a science fair.

BQ has the look of 2 guys giving high five's after winning a Halo match in the State XBOX tournament.

B looks like Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Q looks like the lead character in American Pie

The combo of BQ do not look like two guards who can destroy you with patience, smarts and the will of 20 men.

But they do!


We have all heard the saying, "basketball is 90% mental". Well BQ is a walking billboard for the popular but less than used saying.

Q knows when to utilize his long range accuracy. Which was exactly once yesterday, with a 25 footer to break the backs of the talented Deer Valley squad.

B would not give up, even trailing 17-2 in the first. B knew they would win, it was only a matter of time.

Q has received some comments on CrashTheBoards that he really did not do anything. Well, I assure you that has to be the most ignorant thing said all last week. Q managed to handle the extreme pressure for 32 minutes. Being the main man in crunch time distributing the rock to who he felt would help win the game.

BQ and their 6th sense is contagious for all the Ridge teammates. The ball movement in the last 5 minutes yesterday was phenomenal. I saw No bad shots, and a team making the extra pass that would eventually win the game for them.

Q was 11-13 from the line. And hit the game breaker 3 in the end. Can anyone spell Mentally Tough and Hardnosed.

B did not back down penetrating, taking the ball to the rack scoring over guys a foot taller and more athletic.



Bittl was named MVP of the tournament and Quaintance to the All-Tournament Team, but perhaps the true MVP is the friendship, the long hours on the court, the long hours "hanging out" and the memories they both will take with them long after the horn stops blowing.




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