Transfers: TO BE OR NOT TO BE

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For every success story there is always a story that meets the opposite side of the spectrum. Like Ying and Yang, North or South, UofA and ASU, or even night and day. For whatever reason students and athlete's tend to transfer schools from time to time, whether it is because of a family move, academics, or deep personal reasons it has become a hot topic that carry huge burdens for those involved.

The Catalina Trojans received a huge shot in the arm when it came to the transfer of a 6'8" player from the Tucson High Badgers already paying dividends pouring in 28pts in a game this season during the Boyd Baker Tournament. His presence will no doubt add some weight to a roster that had been decimated by graduation. Having reached the playoffs last year and points away from the 4A state championship Catalina should have another successful season this year.

Canyon Del Oro received a similar transfer from the same Tucson High Badgers team in the tone of a 6'0" point guard due to a family move. For unspecified or unknown reasons on my behalf the senior player didn't make the CDO roster. Caught off balance by the talent that already exists at Canyon Del Oro the player must now spend his senior year concentrating on academics to keep his hope of going to college alive. In speaking with the player's father he assured me that his son would make a positive out of this seemingly negative situation.

Cienega high school located out in Vail, Arizona has met a similar fate, but also on the other spectrum of the transfer rules. Two players transferring into district currently do not meet transfer rules and thus unable to play at this time. This has immediately put Cienega into a bind in the backcourt, as younger players must now fill that instant void left by the upperclassmen. Will a positive come out of this situation? Only time will tell and the guidance that the coach provides to his eligible players.

From professional sports down to our youth programs, movement of athlete's has become a part of the game, as specific needs are met to make all involved satisfied with their particular situation. Whether it is through a trade in professional sports, a transfer at the collegiate level, or an athlete transferring districts to meet family needs. No one is to blame for these instances, but it is a topic that must be looked at more harshly when the situation affects a program and an athlete on a higher level.

Who is really punished when these types of instances turn out not in the positive for the persons involved? As adults and rule makers are we making the right decisions to stimulate the right atmosphere for our younger generations? This is just an observers opinion and whether it be wrong or right my thoughts will remain as my title of this article insists; Transfers: to be on not to be.

Ron Barlow

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