Bourgade Steamrolls Estrella Foothills

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Bourgade Steamrolls Estrella Foothills

Bourgade High School - A mellow crowd filed into the Bourgade Golden Eagles'
gymnasium to watch a battle between Bourgade and new 3A school Estrella Foothills. The Wolves began their competition in Arizona Interscholastic boys' basketball with a big flop Tuesday evening against the Golden Eagles, a 2A school from central Phoenix.

Both squads started the game playing sloppy on each side of the ball and the first points weren't scored until over 2 minutes had past. The two teams accounted for a combined 15 turnovers in the first quarter alone; they would tally a combined total of 33 for the entire contest. Bourgade dominated most of the first quarter by implementing a zone defense that forced the poor shooting Wolves to take bad shots. The Golden Eagles found themselves with a 10-0 lead before turnovers let the Wolves cut the lead to 10-6. Bourgade quickly regained control to finish out the first on a 7-0 run and made the score 17-6 after one.

Estrella Foothills relied on their main threat, PG Brandon Slocum, the entire evening. Things calmed down in the 2nd quarter for both teams. The scoring was distributed quite well by the Golden Eagles, while Slocum did most of the damage for the Wolves. Estrella Foothills outscored Bourgade 15-14 in the 2nd, but found themselves down by twelve points at the half, 31-19.

Bourgade used a combination of tremendous shooting and their tough zone to outscore the Wolves by twelve in the third quarter. Junior forward David Raczkowski led the Golden Eagles with 10 points in the third. He connected on two 3s and dished the ball off for a few assists. Estrella Foothills was frustrated by the defense of the Golden Eagles all night. Estrella moved the ball around the 3-point arch, rarely finding an open look anywhere on the court. Bourgade dominated the defensive boards, properly sealing off the Wolves from the basket and stopping them from many second chance points. As the third quarter closed, the Golden Eagles found themselves with a 24-point advantage, 56-32.

The fourth quarter played out no different from any other quarter. The Golden Eagles out played the Wolves in every aspect of the game, sealing the victory with a 28-23 fourth quarter. Tempers flared with 1:05 left in the game as Bourgade's Ron Avila was pulled down while rebounding the ball. Avila got into a scuffle with a Wolves player and was promptly ejected from the ballgame. Avila, starting for Jorge Garcia who was out sick, scored 18 points on the night; he collected five rebounds as well. Bourgade finished the game with five players in double figure scoring, Raczkowski led BCHS with 20, Stephen Villa had 19, Avila had 18, Carlos Guzman contributed 13, and Rabbanni FurQaan chipped in 11 points. For Estrella Foothills, Brandon Slocum had a game high 24 points, he also had six rebounds. Bourgade Catholic had no trouble in beating the Estrella Foothills Wolves tonight, 84-57.

EF                 6 15 13 23 57
Bourgade 17 14 25 28 84

Bourgade's MVP: The entire team - 5 players in double digit scoring. Everyone distributed the ball.

Estrella Foothills' MVP: Brandon Slocum - Game high 24-points, collected six rebounds, fought hard in the loss.

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