Class of 2006: Lawrence Westbrook

With games of 27, 29, 29 & 14, plus 3 big wins, this Quinn Buckner prototype Guard has landed smack in the middle...

Class of 2006 - Lawrence Westbrook: 6'0" - G - Chandler Wolves
very strong, mature young man…physically mature beyond age…very good North/South athlete…power over finesse…reminds me of a 16 year old Quinn Buckner
Top 3 AZ HS soph's I've seen…dominates lesser opponents with purpose…
volume scorer on un-selfish side…shot/stroke need work for High Major…G skills just fair due to experience level…can't separate vs quicks…
a bull in a china shop… a great HS player w/ strength, intensity & desire…development is the key for certain HM lists.

Out of nowhere Westbrook has burst on the scene with games of 27, 29, 29 & 14 leading the Chandler Wolves to a 3-1 record, with wins over Trevor Browne, Marcos de Niza & Paradise Valley. The Quinn Buckner prototype guard sat out in 2002-2003 due to an injury, but in 2003-2004 will land on recruiting lists across the Country.

Not one to hype up underclassmen, this kid with experience and maturity could turn out to be High Major +. Development is the key for LW. We will keep you updated on this future star!

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