2nd Annual KIDS TAKE OVER PrepAZ Contest.

Now in year number two, there were more kids, more classes, more books and movies. This week PrepAZ takes a peek at what's coming next. Usually we're showing you who we'll be writing about in the future. This week we show you who will be doing the writing in the future.

flmGEEk presents:


Our 2nd Annual Kids Take Over contest has grown right along with the website. If you don't remember last year's contest here's a refresher course for you.

Sixth graders in Arizona were given a challenge. Pick a book from a list compiled by PrepAZ's staff and local educators. Read it, and write a review. The catch, that book had to have been made into a motion picture, the kids had to see the movie, and write one review for both.

Special thanks to Teach For America, if it wasn't for TFA this contest couldn't have happened. TFA teachers certainly helped promote this contest to their students, and their hard work and dedication made it work. A very special thanks to Molly Eigen, Nicolas Crump and Jane Henszerling, the TFA's Phoenix Program Directors for giving the teachers all the support they needed in the classroom. Check these guys out at teachforamerica.com.

Last year we started small. One book/movie, "Holes" by Louis Sachar, less than 45 kids, and no more than one handwritten page. This year, we got bigger. Nearly 100 sixth graders entered from three different classes, the teachers gave flmGEEk the best, and he chose the five winners to be published on PrepAZ.com all this week.

There were too many good entries to count, and while only the five winners could be printed in their entirety, each day I'll be including some great quotes from some of the kids who made the finals.

Our first winner,

Tianna A.:from Miss Kerianne Ryan's 6th grade class at V.H. Lassen Elementary in Phoenix.


Written by Roald Dahl

Adapted for the screen by Nicholas Kazan

Directed by Danny DeVito


The movie Matilda is stupid, you don't get to know the characters, the film only tells you their names, and that's it. I think a five-year- old can direct better than this. My opinion is that my grandmother can write better than that and she's dead. I thought the movie was horrible, it only talks about school and I am already in school and I know enough about it and I get tired of it and now you go and just talk about a girl that starts school. Like I care!

The actors I disliked were Pam Ferris (Mrs. Trunchbull) and Danny DeVito (Mr. Wormwood). The movie wasn't funny and it was supposed to be a comedy. I think they were sorry actors. The actresses I did like were Mara Wilson (Matilda), Embeth Davidtz (Miss Honey), and Rhea Perlman (Mrs. Wormwood). Roald Dahl can write books but they just weren't meant to be movies. My opinion is he just needs to work on his movies because that was sorry. I have not seen a worse movie than that.

If I were you people I would save your money because you are wasting it on this movie. You may say, "Oh, but I think my children would like it!" I would say, "Take it from someone who has seen the movie, it is sorry, your children would be dead asleep" that's how boring the movie is. You never know, you might fall asleep too. I have a message for you people, SAVE YOUR MONEY! When you buy the movie what if you can't return it? Then you are stuck with it, so just don't buy the movie.

The book Matilda? Now that you would like. I know some of us don't like to read, I don't, but when I read that book it was awesome. It just kept on getting better and better. Then when I saw the movie there was no purpose, I kept yawning, and I kept falling asleep for some reason. I hope they don't make anymore movies of Matilda because I would just do this all over again.



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Quotes from other finalists:

Aaron M from Miss Noha Elbaz's 6th grade class at V.H. Lassen Elementary School in Phoenix read, watched, and wrote about Tuck Everlasting

"I would have rather jumped off a cliff, or ran in front of a train than watched the movie. Just listen to me. Don't go see this movie, you'll regret it."

Erik A from Miss Kerianne Ryan's 6th grad class at V.H. Lassen Elementary School in Phoenix read, watched, and wrote about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

"You should read the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead of seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because they sing too much in the movie. They sing in the book, but not that much."

Ruben P. from Miss Kerianne Ryan's 6th grade class at V.H. Lassen Elementary School in Phoenix read, watched and wrote about, Stone Fox.

"You shouldn't see the movie Stone Fox but you should read the book. I noticed in the movie there's a lot more cow. In the book there are no cows at all!"

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