Kids Take Over Day 2

So many reviews, so little time. Today in the Kids Take Over Contest we are treated to another opinion on 'Matilda,' and a roundup of 'Tuck Everlasting.' Watch out flmGEEk, these two are coming for you.

On Day 2 of The Kids Take Over contest we revisit Matilda and check out Tuck Everlasting.

Erica L., of Miss Noha Elbaz's class at V.H. Lassen, gives us her take on:

Tuck Everlasting

Written by Natalie Babbitt

Written for the screen by Jeffrey Lieber

Directed by Jay Russell

I thought Tuck Everlasting was boring. It's about some dumb little girl named Winnie who runs away. On the way she meets this guy named Jesse and they fall in love. That's the reason it's boring, it starts with the same beginning as Beauty and the Beast. It has something else in common with Beauty and the Beast too, Winnie is a wannabe "Beauty" and Jesse is definitely a "Beast."

The movie's genre is romance and adventure. The reason it is romance was because Winnie (Alexis Bledel) and Jesse (Jonathon Jackson) start kissing in the middle of the movie. There's also a scene in the movie where Bledel and Jackson are dancing and honestly they are really terrible dancers! They need to learn how to dance or they shouldn't dance at all, especially in a movie!

Don't watch or buy the movie! Don't even read the book! If you buy the movie you'll regret it. I'd rather watch soap operas than see this movie; at least soap operas try to be entertaining. I'd even read a gold magazine before I read the book again. The actors, Bledel, Jackson, Scott Bairstow (Miles), Ben Kingsley (the man in the yellow suit), and Richard Pilecher (Constable) are the most awful actors I have ever seen! Even the soap stars act better than these people!

The book and the movie had some similarities and some differences. Neither gave The Man in the Yellow Suit a name, and Mae hit the Constable in the head with a shotgun in both. Meanwhile in the book it doesn't have the scene where Miles gets into a fight in a bar, but there it is in the movie. Last the book doesn't have the scene where Winnie and Jesse are dancing, and I wish the movie hadn't either.

Tuck Everlasting is a dreadful movie and shouldn't have been made in the first place. Bledel and Jackson are the worst dancers in the nation! I warn you, don't buy the movie at all. I'm serious, if you do buy the movie you're going to be making a tremendous mistake. If you have already seen the movie don't you agree with me that it was HORRIBLE? If you think the book and movie were spectacular you have huge problems. Even monkeys are smarter than the people who came up with this garbage are.

Our next winning entry comes to us Yuridia C. from Miss Noha Elbaz's class at V.H. Lassen Elementary in Phoenix


Written by Roald Dahl

Written for the screen by Nicolas Kazan

Directed by Danny DeVito

The book Matilda is fabulous. It is funny and exciting. The book tells a clear story. On the other hand the movie changes scenes and creates new ones that aren't in the book. I think the movie should have never been made.

The movie is okay; it didn't contain horror or comedy like the book because it didn't give us enough information. The movie was kind of boring. It just wasn't very good.

The movie Matilda wasn't as funny as the book. I'm sure that if you watch the movie you will fall asleep. I think it was a waste of time to watch. I beg you, don't watch the movie because if you do you will want to die.

There are differences between the movie and the book, like when Matilda gets Miss Honey's doll. But the biggest difference between the two is that the movie is stupid, and the book is one of the best I've ever read.

I think that the book Matilda is sweet as candy. It is good because you can use your imagination and picture how the book might be in real life. The movie on the other hand is one of the worst ever. The people who wrote the movie deserve to die. Just read the book, and skip the movie.

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