Black lifts Greenway.

The Iceman was in Greenway's house last night to check out the Demons of Greenway host the Hawks of Apollo

The Iceman was in Greenway's house last night to check out the Demons of Greenway host the Hawks of Apollo. I would like to say I was entertained but I would be lying. Sloppy basketball accompanied by poor officiating made for a long game. Not to mention that the game did not begin until 7:45. What's going on there?

This game was all about momentum, or if your Apollo, the lack of. From the opening tip, this game belonged to the Demons and 6'8" senior center, John Black. Black completely dominated the first quarter scoring 13 of the Demons 14 first quarter points. Granted, the majority came from offensive boards, good looks inside from his guards Hudson and Teraji, he still showed nice touch and finesse for a big man. Black also had a trio of blocked shots in the quarter. Score after one was 14-4 and basically the game was over.

The only sign of life Apollo showed was to begin the second quarter where they closed the gap to 4. They actually controlled the tempo for the first 5 minutes behind the quickness of sophomore guard Triston Wilson and senior guard Desmond Ondoua. A press that caught Greenway off guard forced many turnovers and forced shots and the Hawks looked as if they were going to make this a game. Black was relatively shut down for the second period by the presence of the Hawks center James Lester. Lester is an intimidating specimen on the floor and has agility and quickness to go with it. Unfortunately he was hobbled by a bad knee for the majority of the game. This game may have been different if he were at 100%. Lester finished with 6 but his presence was key.

The second half was more of the same and I may have missed it if I hadn't popped a couple No-doz. The play became a bit more physical and even more sloppy. Foul after foul and non-call after non-call got fans on both sides upset. I know we are hard on the refs at times, sometime unjustly, but this was pretty bad.

A few players really did stand out though in the second half. Greenway guard Steve Hudson woke up the crowd a couple times with his steals and fantastic ball handling skills on the break. One behind the back move left his defender lost searching for his jock on the way to an easy lay in. He's quick and plays with a no-fear approach, and he's only a junior. This kid is one to keep an eye on. He finished with 10 points and countless steals and assists.

Another player to keep an eye on, and I mean a cyclops size eye, is Apollo guard Triston Wilson. At only a sophomore, Wilson possesses skills and leadership qualities normally found in the elders. He's got the build, the speed, the shot, and a desire that you can actually see in his eyes. The kid knows how to play and soon will be leading the Hawks to many victories. He finished with 12 but his presence was felt all over the court.

Black seamed to tire as the contest wore on but he may have took it a bit easier since it was out of reach. He finished with 24 points and well over 10 rebounds.

The final score of the game was 57-36 in favor of Greenway. A game I would like to forget. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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