Class of 2004: Chad Davis

Standing 6'4" 185lbs this senior sharpshooter is currently leading his Tucson Rincon Ranger squad


Standing 6'4" 185lbs this senior sharpshooter is currently leading his Tucson Rincon Ranger squad to an early season 5-1 record. Having shown improvement each year in the varsity arena he now displays the example of an exemplary teammate. Counted on heavily in past years with the scoring burden he now fits in with the "Tucson Tree line" to give them an inside out presence that can prove fruitful by seasons end.

Averaging 21pts and 9reb per game, he has now shown the ability to put the ball on the floor and find teammates for open shots. Having seen him in a few games this year, he has added the assist to his impressive repertoire. Displaying skills that I feel will be vital at the next level, 5assists per game shows that he is more than capable of handling a few point guard minutes if called upon to do so.

Receiving a lot of Division II interest from around the country, Mr. Davis has grown fond of two letters from Santa Clara and Northern Arizona University. As the season progresses I'm sure his college selection will become formidable in the tune of more Division I offers. He does plan to continue his education at a higher level as shown by his excellent study habits while attending Rincon High.

While under the tutelage of Coach Rich Utter since attending Alice Vail Middle School, Chad has gained the experience necessary to propel him into the college arena. His smooth rainbow arced shot comes from many hours of practice and dedication to the sport he loves. Coach Utter happens to be a math teacher at Rincon and I'm sure explains the probability process of angles and percentages to his shot selection.

Chad is the son of Monte and Gayle Davis with sibling older brother Brandon. His family attends all of Chad's games providing that excellent support necessary to help him thrive to be all he can be.

Player Profile:

Chad Davis 6'4" 185lb SR. Guard/Forward Rincon High

Silky smooth forward who shows a shooting range beyond the three-point line. Displays the toughness to bang with the bigs inside while taking advantage with his quickness off his feet. Impressive middle game makes him proficient for any offensive system. Capable of putting up large numbers each night, Chad will provide a proven commodity to any roster he is a part of.

Ron Barlow

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