's 5A-4A Top 10!

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Heading into the post-Hoiliday Tournaments, here are the 5A-4A Top 10.


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5A Top Ten

  1. Highland: Until someone beats them, they stay put.
  2. Mesa: Finally healthy.  Won Horizon Tourney behind Cummards dunk of the year!
  3. Mesa Mtn.View:  A machine!   Won Las Vegas Tourney.  Could be a #1 soon.
  4. Mtn. Ridge:  Clutch, clutch, clutch!!!..only one loss to St.Mary's.  Q & B establishing themselves as top AZ players!
  5. Deer Valley:  Finally figuring out the magic formula.  Hill is the MAN!
  6. Trevor Browne:  Won Phx.Union Tourney.
  7. Corona del Sol:  Jr.'s new system is working.  Benson leading the Aztecs.
  8. Chandler:  Need to rebound after Holiday!
  9. Brophy:  Coming on strong.  T-Soup and co.
  10. Desert Mountain:  Need a statement victory to regain credibility.

On The Bubble:


Dobson - Solid Team Effort. Horizon - Soph Casey is breaking out!



4A Top Ten

  1. McClintock: 5A Mesa exposed the Chargers, one more loss drops them down.
  2. Ironwood Ridge: Undefeated.
  3. Saguaro: Time will tell if the 'Cats are contenders.
  4. Page: Won own tourney recently against respectable field.
  5. Shadow Mtn.: Still tinkering for the right combinations.
  6. Rincon: Talented front line keeps the Rangers in contention.
  7. Greenway: Another team about to show whether it has it.  Black is back!
  8. Thunderbird: Ditto!!!.
  9. Coconino: Won Pepsi-Cola Shootout.
  10. Chaparral: New coach's system looks to be working.

On The Bubble


Apache Junction - Millineum

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