Maybe I Should Do This All The Time

The Dobson Mustangs decided to make James Renwick eat his words Tuesday night as they won the Governor's Cup at the Torrey Pines Holiday Classic

Maybe I should do this all the time.

You see, I did this once before, talked all this trash about how AZ players couldn't compete. About how they were soft, and slow, and on the national level it was exposed.

Then the Arizona Magic, the Arizona Cagers, and Copperstate all had their best showings ever at the Las Vegas Big Time and Best of Summer Tournaments.

They competed against the best in the nation, and did better than hold their own.

And now, just three short days ago, I start spouting off again. Talking about the prospects and the recruits and how they were all coming from California, how Arizona was way behind.

Tuesday night Dobson High School won the Governor's Cup at the Torrey Pines Holiday Classic. It wasn't the National Division, but it was a 16-team bracket featuring some very big, very tough Cali schools, and Dobson just went out and won the thing.

So much for my predictions.

Maybe I should do this all the time.

Chris Taylor, Dobson's senior starting forward, led the Mustangs averaging 19 points a game. "The first team we played (Hollywood High) wasn't very good, but the next three, (Palisades, Rancho Bernardo, and El Toro) were all tough, it was good experience for us."

Experience because this is a young team. The senior Taylor leads them, but he's playing his first year on the varsity, and it is a varsity that has six juniors and two sophomores. Experience they need, but apparently they don't like to experience losing. The championship game, grueling 65-64 win over El Toro, featured all the things you find on a team that is seasoned in pressure packed national situations, from a team that is decidedly not seasoned in pressure packed national situations.

Now that I think about it, Taylor was on that Arizona Cager squad that went to the elite 8 in the Best of Summer tournament. Was he just trying to make me look bad?

"I think there are a lot of great individual players from California," Taylor said after he got back from San Diego, "but we won because we played team basketball." It is of course, the perfect opportunity for me weasel out of my earlier statements. I could just say, "Yes, Dobson won, but El Toro has the better players."

Can't do it though, because the better players are always the players who win.

And Dobson won.

Dobson doesn't play anymore tournament basketball until the state championships, and Taylor for one is a little bummed about that. "I would have loved to play in the National Division. We got to watch some of those teams, like (National Division Champion) St. Anthony's, and they're great. Big, quick, and they play team basketball like we do."

Earlier this week I would have made a snide comment, but Dobson and St. Anthony's really do play a similar style. Neither is afraid to run, but both excel in a half court game that requires crisp passes, solid screens, and good rebounding. Both play defense and both play hard from buzzer to buzzer.

And both win.

Gotta give it up for AZ here, just as dissed you guys three days ago. Maybe the best athlete's come from California, maybe the best come from New Jersey (where St. Anthony's resides), or maybe they come from Arizona. One thing I do know, is that there were 55 teams entered in the Torrey Pines Holiday Classic, two were from Arizona, one from New Jersey. 52 teams were from California. Four teams won championships, and one was from AZ, one from NJ.

Maybe I should do this all the time.

Congratulations Dobson.

James Renwick

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