5A and 4A Top 10.

Mesa Mt. View tops the 5A, but this Friday Coach Lynch and co. have Mesa ready to battle in the anticipated match-up... Top 10

#1Mesa Mt. View—They were #2, they're now #1, but not without debate because…

#2Mesa—…Mt. View beat Camelback and Gilbert, Mesa beat last week's #1 Highland, then Cibola, and then #7 Dobson. Could've elevated themselves to #1, but will have the chance this Friday when they face off against Mt. View. Can the Jackrabbits knock off the #1 team two weeks in a row?

#3Deer Valley—When Highland lost to Mesa 5A POY became a two player race between Mesa's Lee Cummard and Deer Valley's Lawrence Hill. Deer Valley has been the steadiest hand of anyone in the Top 5.

#4Brophy—They're doing it with guard play, but now that the big men are coming around watch out. If the threes are falling they can beat anybody.

#5Highland—Lost to Mesa on Tuesday. The Jackrabbits gave the rest of the state the blueprint to beating the former #1, shut down Ryan McCurdy. Now if it were only so easy to do.

#6Dobson—Came into Friday's game against Mesa with expectations as big as their frontcourt. Left shaking their heads, but the Mustangs are still too big for most of the state.

#7Mountain Ridge—Bittle and Quaintence keep it going. Loss to Deer Valley shows they might not be Top 5 material, but will win all the games they are supposed to win.

#8Corona—Trades spaces with Mt. Ridge. Both teams won one and lost one this week, but Mt. Ridge lost to #3 Deer Valley, Corona dropped theirs to up and coming (but not #3) Hamilton.

#9ChandlerJoey Shaw and company needed a break, and got one, their inactivity actually bumps them up a notch from last week.

#10Horizon—Last week on the bubble, but with a big win over St. Mary's they crack the top 10 for the first time this season. Rishi Kakad has officially become the PrepAZ dark horse candidate for POY.

On the bubble

Hamilton—Might be coming together, two wins last week including #8 Corona. Poised to move into the top 10 if another team falters this week
Trevor Browne—So much talent playing isolation ball instead of team ball, loss this week to Mountain Pointe drops them out of the rankings, and it would take a string of wins to get them back in.
Salpointe—Damir and co. will be the sleeping giant come February. 4A Top 10

#1- Greenway: At what point do you give the Deamons the respect they deserve?  That time is now with 6'9" John Black leading the way!

#2 -McClintock: Shocking loss could be just what the doctor ordered.  Refocused, the Chargers could be dangerous as ever.

#3 - Ironwood Ridge:  Dylan Johnson making a run for All-State,  IWR making run for State Champs.

#4 - Page: Up North the fans are booking their reservations near AWA. 

#5 - Shadow Mountain: Brian Giacoppo, Ladi Makinde, Kenny Whitis and the rest of the running Mats waiting to rain 3's when it counts.

#6 - Scottsdale Saguaro: Tonight brings a showdown vs. Washko and Chaparral. O'Boyle & Ashbaugh continue to prove they are 2 of the best regardless of division!

#7 - Thunderbird: Hanging tough and could be the sleeper in 4A. 

#8 - Pinnacle: Ray Murdock is showing he will be a top 10 player in the class of 2005 

#9 - Scottsdale Chaparral: SR. Andrew Washko has a chance to prove tonight he and the Firebirds should be in upper tier.

#10 - Coronado hangs in, and the inexperience and tough losses are making them tougher heading into phase 2 of season.

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