Boys And Girls Player and Team Profiles

Christopher Mansfield has been added to the PrepAZ staff to bring you player and team profiles. Gary Trousdale will be bringing you the Girls profiles...

Now that the high school season is in high gear and most teams are heading into their region play, PrepAZ brings you another feature that will cover Arizona's top players and top club teams, both boys and girls. 
These features will be both for local viewing, and for the Insiders "Get In" national network. Players, programs, and teams from the Magic, Heat, Copperstate, Arizona Stars, Cagers, AZElite, AZSting, AZ Lady Stars, Southwest All-Stars, Sporting Chance, etc., will be featured. We may not get all clubs, players and teams to participate, but we sure hope so. We will cover teams at the youth level all the way up to high school level. Player profiles will mainly concentrate on the current 2005 and 2006 (junior and sophomore) players.
There are a lot of good people out there working with the players in AZ, so instead of beating each other up, we're going to try and bridge the gap and get everyone involved. A huge task, but we're up to it.
This will take time, but we want to feature a new player or team on a regular basis as we get this underway. This is a huge endeavor, so please be patient. The first task is to build a solid database with teams, pictures, and player information. If you are a boys club coach or program director and want to get involved, please contact us at:  Girls Club coaches email all information to Gary Trousdale at: . We will respond to your email with the needed information and answer any questions you may have. We have an extensive list of players in the 2005 and 2006 classes, so if you feel you are one of these top players, shoot us an email along with your school team, or club team, and contact information and we will respond. If you are concerned that team and/or player recruiting will be an issue, you can email Gary Trousdale directly at, and he will answer any of those concerns as well.
We won't be able to get to everyone, and we will filter through those requests that merit this type of effort. But we will do our best to bring you the big picture of what is taking place in Arizona during the 2004 season. And hopefully, coaches and programs out there will take hold of this and help us all celebrate the players who work hard in Arizona.

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