Class of 2005: Dutch Perryman

They use to call athletes like this late-bloomers. But in the day and age of youth sports, where kids get involved with high-level competition as early as third grade, this athlete is not late, he's right on time.

Dutch Perryman, a combo-guard at Desert Vista is coming fresh off a clutch performance against rival Mountain Pointe. Down by one with 22 seconds to go, Xavier Kilby intercepted an inbounds pass, gave it to Perryman to bring it up the floor and was fouled just as he crossed half court. Perryman proceeded to hit both ends of a 1-and-1 under deafening noise from the MP crowd, and was mobbed by the student section as the game was over. He brought the house down in the first half with a no-look alley-oop to teammate Travis Gabbidon.


Perryman is not new to the basketball scene, but his changing physique, athleticism, and ability on the court is turning heads. Once considered one of the best floor generals at the youth level due to his high understanding of the game, and his ability to execute, this player now possesses one of the best basketball bodies for a combo guard. Perryman used to be considered small, maybe too small. Not now. At 6'1", and still growing, this kid is right on track with athletes that continue to grow and improve all the way through high school and college. Many of today's hyped players peak in middle school or the first years of high school. Perryman doesn't look to be peaking any time soon, which bodes well for his future.


On the court, Perryman has established himself as one of the top defenders in the state, a rare desire by most players in today's game. With court smarts, excellent footwork, and a smooth shot, he has focused more on getting the ball to his big men; Kilby, Gabbidon and Pinto, and shutting down the opponent's top guard. He plays his role to perfection. Desert Vista's Coach Harris recently stated, "He's a throwback to the old days in that he's a kid that works hard, listens and is coachable. He's what the DV program is about."



Perryman's other sport is track and field. On pace to be a four-year varsity vaulter, he led the state in his class both his freshman and sophomore year in pole vault, considered the third toughest sporting event by ESPN. Perryman has had several of the nation's top college coaches tell him if he focused on track only, he could potentially be the nations top vaulter, a distinction his sophomore sister Jaci holds at Desert Vista. This year he will be working towards a 5A state championship in track. But, his passion and ability on the court pushes him harder to excel in both sports.


Perryman also excels in the classroom, carrying a 4.37 honors GPA at the highest ranked academic school in AZ, and is a member of the National Honors Society. His past PSAT score was 1190, and he plans to take the SAT until he scores a 1300 or higher. Keep an eye on this one, his potential is on pace to separate him from the rest.

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