McClintock obliterates Chaparral……………

More to come later on this...

Chaparral came out softer than a bowl of melted ice cream this evening and got pounded by McClintock at ‘Tock in a 2nd round 4A State Tourney playoff game.

It was a shameful performance by Chaparral and I felt embarrassed for the entire Firebird community.

It was never a contest.  McClintock led: 24-6 after the 1st period.

50-25 at the half.

67-44 at the end of the 3rd.

And 82-57 for the final score.

Calvin, Freeman, and crew just ran all over the listless Firebirds who failed to play any defense at all.

I could sit here all night long and berate Chaparral for all kinds of improprieties but I'm going to let a dead bird rest in peace.

It was so painful, I wanted to leave at halftime and go home to watch The Batchelorette on TV. I stuck it out until the end of the 3rd.  Award me a large pizza for bravery.

Maybe Friday I'll find two teams who want to compete……..

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