Girls 4A Cholla at Chapparal

Coach G brings you the 411 on Girls hoops...

Upon my arrival at Chapparal, I got excited by the full parking lot, the people pouring into the school, the line to buy tickets.  I thought, "this is going to be a good game", then I realized that I was in line for the school play.  A few minutes later, I was stretched out enjoying the peace and quiet of the gym, with only 3 minutes to game time, I still had hopes that this would be an exciting game.

The first quarter looked promising enough, the Lady Firebirds full court pressure was good, but not unbreakable.  The Cholla Chargers were able to get to the basket, grab some rebounds, and play a little defense. They managed to stay with the Lady Firebirds, only down by 2 at the end of the 1st quarter, thanks to Iris Gracia's 6 points and Shivhan Nettles rebounding.

The 2nd quarter was an entirely different ball game.  Chapparal turned up the defense, giving up only 3 points, while managing to score 15, thanks in part to their bench players, notably, Jessie DePaolo with 5 points.

I started to fall asleep sometime during this 2nd quarter, right through the halftime show and into the 3rd quarter.  I woke up when Cholla's Tasha Greenfield woke up.  She's grabbing rebounds, pushing the ball up the court, driving to the hole, getting to the free throw line.  That in turn woke up Nettles, who woke up everyone else on the team.  Unfortunately, for the Chargers, it was a little too late.  By this time, the Lady Firebirds were up by more than 20 points, thanks largely to Jackie Layton-11 points, 5 steals,  and had backed off their press (it's the right thing to do).

The Chargers actually out scored the Lady Firebirds 11 to 8 in the 4th quarter.  Cholla never lost their spirit or their fight, even being down 51-26 with 3:42 left in the game.  Greenfield fouled out with 48 seconds left in the game while going for a steal.  She left the game with 13 points and 8 rebounds.  This marks the end of the season for the Cholla Chargers. As for the Chapparal Lady Firebirds?  Well, they get to play Cactus on Friday.

Coach G

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