Despite some glitches - Powerpoints are working.

With only 8 teams left in the 5A girls and boys state brackets, the new powerpoint system is a success, and is going to get better...

Go to and check out both the girls and boys state tournament brackets.  After the first round of 16 games, only two games were considered upsets in each.  In the boys bracket, #25 Paradise Valley beat #8 Salpointe, and #22 Marcos beat #11 Sahuaro.  #17 Chandler beat #16 Mountain Ridge - both dead middle of the pack rankings and their close game was exactly where that ranking was meant to be. Paradise Valley beat St. Mary's in the regionals last week, and have been playing good basketball of late, so no big upset there.  And Marcos was favored to beat Sahuaro all along.  Now that there are only 8 teams left, meaning the balance and atmosphere the new format was meant to create has been accomplished. There are some great match ups for the "Elite Eight", so hold on to your seats.

On the girls side, once again only 2 games out of 16 did there appear to be an upset. #19 Sahuaro over #14 Xavier, hardly noteworthy of an upset.  And #22 Horizon over #11 Sunrise Mountain.  So, out of 32 first round games between the boys and girls, maybe only one or two games considered an upset.  This is an excellent start to this system.

Changes: Next year the regional tournament games will be added to powerpoints, which will once again give meaning to the tournament games.  And other small tweaks are in the works to make this a near-perfect system.  More power to the people who set this up in Mesa, and look out for 4A to follow suit.  This year will continue to be awesome, and it is only going to get better.

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