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I'm sure you've read the game summaries in the papers, but here's some stuff you might not have known about last night's games. Mesa takes on Desert Vista at AWA..

I'm sure you've read the game summaries in the papers, but here's some stuff you might not have known about last night's games.  So, in completely random order, with no rhyme nor reason, here goes:

$ Brophy started four guards against Mesa.  You woulda thought Mesa would try to immediately go inside against the Broncos.  No, the Jackrabbits were content to run and gun in the first half, and go inside with limited success in the 2nd.

Mesa simply had more talent and pulled away down the stretch for a 66-60 win.

Lee Cummard was pretty much shackled (12 pts.). His shot was off and he couldn't get a look inside either.

Travis LeBaron and Matt Komenda were the big contributors for Mesa.  Komenda was a beast down low.

For Brophy, Mike Strittmater, Kevin Schneider, and Billy Robb all shined.  For being only 6'1," senior forward Robb gets more out of his body than most any other player.  He more than held his own against the taller ‘Rabbits.  And Strittmater was an absolute warrior in the paint……..relentless.  Schneider had the best luck of anyone shooting from outside.

Brophy's Jake Lewis, the 6'6" senior forward, did not start the game due to a bad ankle injury suffered in the victory over Dobson.  Lewis made an appearance in the 2nd half but was ineffective.  Had Lewis been at full strength, Brophy might've won.

$ It was great to see former Phoenix Suns Alvin Adams and Jeff Hornacek sitting together at the Brophy/Mesa game.  I'm sure they spent at least a few moments reminiscing memories of the "Madhouse on McDowell."

$ The most notable attendee of the evening was Don Logan, the Scottsdale city employee who was the target of the bomb attack last week.  Logan, an A.I.A. official, made a subtle entrée and sat just behind the scorer's table with a full bandage on his lower right arm.  He was released from the hospital Monday.

All night, his friends and colleagues stopped by to wish him well.

Logan is the Director of Diversity Programs for the City of Scottsdale.  (I think I have that title right.)  I hope his attendance in some way sends a message to all the sick souls out there that think they can cowardly keep the world from becoming united.

With the spiritual strength of men like Logan, our world may someday be free of hatred.

$ I haven't been in Veteran's Memorial Coliseum in at least 12 years. The building is old and dilapidated.

The concourse is narrow.  The bathrooms are few, as well as the refreshment stands.

I suppose it's a decent place to hold high school playoffs because of the expansive seating.

Damn, I just don't know what else to say about the dump.  Whoever owns it, has really let it go to pot.

$ Brophy's students are amazing.  The red-clad group must've numbered 500 strong or more.  They were noisy and tremendously supportive of their Bronco team.

Former star basketball player and '99 Bronco grad Mike Schwertley exclaimed, "The whole student body is here."

I haven't seen a student section with that kind of numbers all season long.

$ All four teams struggled with their outside shooting.  There was nothing for the players to focus their depth perception on beyond the rear of the backboards.  No backdrop, just endless space. The only thing I can compare the environment with from a player's perspective is NAU's Skydome, which also has endless space behind the baskets.

Desert Vista's coach Doug Harris took all ten minutes of his halftime allotment speaking with his team and left them no time to warm up.  It was a smart move because unless you could spend hours of shooting practice inside the Coliseum you aren't going to master the depth perception challenge.

The only success shooting 3-pointers came from the corners where shooters saw the sideline seating behind.

America West Arena is tricky for shooters but the purple seating all around provides for a decent baskground.

Mesa Mtn. View was most affected by the Coliseum as they rely on the 3-pointer more than the other teams do.  The Toros suffered an atrocious shooting night.

$ Travis Gabbidon won the game for Desert Vista.  Gabby did EVERYTHING.  He brought the ball up the court and started the offense.  Then he went down to the blocks where he punished Mtn. View inside.

Travis played great defense.  Travis rebounded with a vengeance.  Travis came up with loose balls.  Travis shot free throws.  Travis was focused and made sure his teammates were too.  Travis sold hot dogs at the refreshment stand……………..

Travis Gabbidon is a money man!

$ Xavier Kilby again put on a stellar performance defensively.  Kilby is the best defensive big man in the state.  He may not have the leaping skills of a Morrison or a Hill, but he is one savvy hombre' when it comes to knowing where to position himself relative to his opponent's skills.

Kilby get 2-3 steals a game with his quick feet and long arms.  He is perhaps the most intimidating AZ high school defender.

$ Dutch Perryman, the junior Thunder guard, was puking his guts out at Monday's practice.  Then he went home and barfed all night long.  Sicker than a dog, he went to school Tuesday so he could play in the game……….and play he did.

Perryman hit a monster 3-pointer late in the 4th, then, iced the game with two free throws.

$ Chris Gray continued with his offensive production and carried the Thunder in the 1st period until Gabbidon took control in the 2nd.  Gray has been the one of the cornerstones of the Thunder's playoff resurgence.

$ Johnny Pinto came up with another solid effort cleaning the glass.  He
made sure the Toros only got one shot.  Josh Jolin played a clutch game all-around but his two free throws late in the game were nails in the coffin.

$ Max Hall and Tyler Molesworth provided the bulk of Mtn. View's scoring. Brendan McGowan played a heady floor game.  Eric Bossom did a workmanlike job inside.

The team as a whole though, struggled with their shooting.  That was the game.

Mtn. View had an incredible season playing in coach Gary Ernst's proven system.  Great effort, outstanding defense every night out.  Had this game been played anywhere else and the Toros been able to shoot more effectively from outside, they could've beaten the Thunder.

With the exception of maybe David Burrows, the Toros don't have any real basketball players.  By this I mean players who'll likely advance to the next level.

So, all in all, the team made it as far as they could.  Congrats on a fine season.

Brophy  18  10  19  13 --- 60
Mesa     13  12  22  19 --- 66

BROPHY- Strittmatter 18, K. Schneider 17, Panagiotakopoulous8, Westfall 7, D. Schneider 6,
MESA- Hatch 19, Komenda 16, Cummard 12, LeBaron 10, Crowell 9
Mountain View   10   6   8   15 --- 39
Desert Vista         9   8  12  18 --- 47

DESERT VISTA - Gabbidon 19, Perryman 8, Gray 7, Kilby 5, Jolin 4, Pinto 4
MOUNTAIN VIEW - Molesworth 10, Hall 10, Burrows 6, Bossom 5, Smith 5, McGowan 3

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