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40+ year old named 2nd team all-state. Rumors swirled day before State finals. Stupidity at its best at Yavapai. The Firebirds searching again...

The 411 March 16. 2004


  • 40+ year old makes Second Team 5A All-State:
    In what was an impact decision by the Arizona Republic, Jeff Schneider, former college coach and father of 2 Brophy Broncos (Kevin and David) was selected to the Arizona Republic 5A All-State Team.
    Researching this selection, went back 4 decades and could not find a similar selection. The impact of this decision by the Arizona Republic and possible ramifications are tremendous. With this precedent, the 2004-2005 All-State Teams could have fathers scattered throughout the Large Ball & Small Ball selections.
    In yesterdays staff meeting, the idea was brought up to have the All-Father - All-State Team next season. An idea that could very well materialize!

    (come on) We're joking! Obviously this was a typo. Or was it? Who knows, but one thing was clear, many deserving players are missing from all the teams, which brings us to this, will announce our fourth annual All-State Teams, 5A - 4A - Small Ball and Coaches of the Year next week.


  • Innocent Until Proven Stupid:
    The intro to the "How To" book on screwing up your college future was written over the weekend up in Yavapai. Following the "innocent until proven stupid" theory, the arrested players have been kicked off the team and just lost any chance of securing a quality scholarship. The most effected was the ACCAC Player of the Year-Bryson Krueger. Yavapai Head Coach Brooks Thompson was praised by the Prez for his handling of the situation. Four Yavapai starters were released from the Yavapai team before the team headed to Hutchinson, Kansas, for the National Junior College tournament. Bryson Krueger, Akeem Price, Jay McFarland, and 6'10" sophomore Mark Konecny (Yavapai is his fifth school I believe in 3 years) were released from the Yavapai team Thursday by the school's athletic director after being arrested on Wednesday. Details will not be published here!

  • A Name For You:
    Chaparral lost their head coach again, and a name that should be at the top of the list to go in a build a winner is current Mesa assistant Shane Burcar. Burcar, a former assistant at Mesa Junior College was a key in the Mesa run and their State Championship.


  • Rumors Run Wild:
    The eligibility of a Desert Vista player was questioned the day before the State finals, which caused rumors to run rampant all over Phoenix. The sad thing about the whole situation was it was a sister school of DV that started the mess. The march to have DV thrown out of the final game and have a "play in" game for 2 other schools brings us to the downward spiral of high school sports, and the inability of parents to "let go" of their kids playing careers. No names will be mentioned, but what goes around-comes around, and the situation will not be forgotten by the DV administration, coaches and parents.


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