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The future looks bright with new posters Longtimecoach, barcelonabomber ...

Over the last few months the message boards have welcomed many new quality posters such as Longtimecoach, Barcelonabomber, Rondack, POKCOD as well as many others. These new members have elevated the quality of information to a new level on We welcome the "new breed" and hope they might bring their stories and quality information to the front page of so the thousands of national fans across the Country who visit our website can get "inside" the world of Arizona Prep Hoops. If any of these first rate posters wish to join our staff please email us at and we will get you published on the insiders network. Thanks for all your efforts and we look forward to providing a national network for you to continue your efforts. PrepAZ has become the second largest prep website on the network and by next fall should hit #1!

On the other side we have experienced a new low in personal attacks, unwarranted claims, and other negative information not allowed on these forums by immature posters who want to go after players, coaches or schools. The guilty posters have been banned and will continue to be banished from the forums. We have experienced huge traffic increases and monitoring theses forums has become a 24-7 job.

If you see a post that is questionable, please contact us and we will deal with it ASAP. Thanks again and please notify us at with any concerns.
I'd like to share with you some information that will redefine the course of direction of for the future.

Our goal is make this website the best of its kind in Arizona. Its purpose: To provide incomparable exposure to the players and coaches of high school basketball and football in Arizona. Our unique insights, player and coach profiles, articles, interviews and promotional efforts will provide substance you can't get from any newspaper or magazine publication.

After 3 years of involvement in club basketball, player clinics, website administration, I've finally decided to narrow my focus to promoting our two websites ( & Occasionally, I'll be sponsoring a few tournaments and conducting player clinics.

The basketball portion of this site has been in existence for just over three years now. In this short time, we've been able to capture the vast majority of the AZ readership. As a member of the network, we hope to boost our web presence to unparalleled proportions. Nearly every D-1 college program and most NAIA, D-2 and D-3 schools subscribe to The affordability factor alone mandates college coach's attention. With shrinking recruiting budgets, many programs rely on online information services to provide guidance on where to direct recruitment efforts.

AZ Cagers
Last year, I formed and ran the AZ Cagers Basketball Club. This year, I've turned the Cagers over to Hosea Graham, the head varsity boy's coach at Seton High School. I'll be coaching a club team called the CTB All Stars this season, then concentrate full time on promoting the interests stated above.

During the recent state playoffs, Scott Clayton (ScottAZPrepHoops) posted his articles in the subscriber section on the homepage. Paid membership increased 30% as a result. Scott has agreed to continue on as a writer for our homepage and will bring stability and excitement to an area we've previously had challenges with. Scott has been contributing to AZ high school basketball message boards for 7 years now, making him the senior internet spokesman for the sport. While we've had excellent homepage writers in the past, circumstances beyond our control have prevented any kind of continuity. This will no longer be the case now that Scott is on board.

Football-Baseball will expand our coverage in 2004-2005. Football will become top priority (along with basketball) but we need a quality writer or writers. If interested in covering either Football or Baseball please email me at and we will get you on board.

The Future
I'm very excited about our new direction and ability to promote high school basketball here in Arizona. In order to accomplish our goals, we need your support. As you can imagine, the cost to maintain this website is very substantial. Raising revenue requires either paid subscriptions or banner advertising. We feel our paid subscription service is bargain priced at only $6.95 monthly. ($34.95 6mos., $59.95 yr.) At the monthly rate, that breaks down to only 23 cents a day. A paid subscription allows all subscribers full access to the nationwide network. In addition, it allows access to the Sixth Man's Club here on our own homepage. The Sixth Man's Club will provide a forum that only paid subscribers can access. This past season the forum was inactive but we will begin utilizing it as the place to be to get quality information, answering questions, and using this forum as a place to get "quick hits", or brief updates on recruiting, coaching changes etc…, our goal is to promote the players and coaches. The only way we can maximize exposure is through your support.

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Gary Trousdale

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